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Tampa is an excellent place to install solar panels, especially with ESD Solar and Florida’s high electricity consumption, making it a wise investment.

The most crucial incentive is the tax credit, currently at 26%, which will drop to 22% by the end of 2020. Acting now ensures maximum savings. ESD Solar’s net metering program and the option for a PACE loan further make solar appealing.

Understanding the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit

This federal incentive deducts 30% of solar system installation costs from federal taxes. While the rate will decrease to 26% by 2032, the current timing is optimal for solar commitment.

Calculating Solar Savings for Tampa Homes

Savings depend on electricity usage. With Florida’s average monthly consumption at 1,123 kWh, Tampa’s solar panel savings calculator helps estimate panel needs and potential savings based on local solar company prices.

Global Energy Crisis and Utility Bills

Tampa, ranking highest in the U.S. for utility costs, faces a 9.8% increase due to recent hikes. Solar panels effectively reduce or eliminate electricity bills, especially amid global energy challenges.

Avoiding an Energy Crisis Through Solar

Global energy trade issues contribute to rising gas and electricity prices, impacting utility bills. Tampa residents opting for solar now demonstrate a proactive stance against future energy crises.

Federal Tax Incentives and Passive Earnings via Net Metering

Federal Tax Credits offer significant savings for Tampa homeowners, up to $2,000. Net metering allows homeowners to be paid for excess solar energy produced, enhancing ROI from day one.

Property Value Boost and Clean Energy Motivations

Solar panels increase property values in Tampa. The average house price of $420,000 can rise by $40,000 with solar savings of $200 per month. Clean energy motivations, driven by environmental concerns, also influence solar adoption.

Hurricane Resilience with Solar Energy

Tampa residents, tired of hurricane-related outages, install solar panels with batteries for uninterrupted power during storms. The solar industry’s growth and reduced prices further drive adoption.

Increasing Solar Affordability and Financing Options

Solar prices in the U.S. have dropped over the past six years, making solar more accessible. Multiple financing options, including loans and plans, cater to diverse needs, ensuring solar affordability.

Advancements in Solar Technology

Technological improvements make solar energy more appealing, with affordable, flexible components and user-friendly smartphone apps for monitoring and control. Tampa residents are encouraged to lock in current prices, anticipating potential increases.

The combined benefits of tax credits, net metering, property value enhancement, resilience during hurricanes, reduced utility bills, and technological advancements make solar a compelling choice for Tampa residents.

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