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Why Hire Professional Solar Installers in Dayton

There are a number of reasons why you should consider using professional solar installers in Dayton for your home. While there are many benefits of purchasing solar panels and installing them on your own, hiring professional installers is one of the best decisions you can make. There are pros and cons to both methods, but overall I believe that hiring a professional is the better choice.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider hiring professional solar installers in Dayton, Ohio.

1. A Solar Contractor Will Ensure That Your Roof Is Able to Suspend the Load

Your Roof Has to Be Structurally Sound

This information is the most important before any solar project can begin. Some homeowners call solar installers in Dayton for solar panels and a new roof. This saves them money over the long term and allows for the roof to be in good enough condition to support the panels.

Your roof must be capable of withstanding extreme weather events and the solar panels

This is one example of information a Dayton solar contractor could easily get, but it would be much more difficult for you to find.

Panels Must Fit Without Overloading Any Points on the Roof

Solar installers in Dayton will prepare an engineering report to determine how the roof panels should be arranged. This will ensure that they are evenly distributed and produce as much energy as possible.

2. A Solar Contractor Has the Technology to Add to Account Extreme Heat, Cloudy Days, Shade, Location

Even though you may be familiar with your local area and know how sunny it is compared to cloudy, these measurements are critical in designing a roof system.

Solar panels are made by taking sunlight and turning it into energy. It is important to ensure that your home’s ability to generate power doesn’t suffer from any unexpected changes in weather conditions.

Solar panels can lose up to 20%-30% of their efficiency during the hottest months. There will also be fluctuations in your daily life based on the sun, moon, and other factors such as the time of the year, shadows, cloud cover, and the season.

3. A Solar Contractor Would Know If a Ground Mount Is Better and Can Design One Optimally

Sometimes, even after all the inspections and running the analyses, a solar contractor may discover that installing a solar system on your roof is not in your best interests.

If a ground mount is the right choice for you, then they can design and build one that meets your exact specifications at a very affordable price!

4. Solar Contractors Will Have Easy Access to the Required Permitting Offices

You will need to obtain permits from the local AHJ before you can build a new structure on your property. You’ve probably tried to obtain permits for something before.

Because Dayton solar companies interact with these jurisdictions every day, it eventually builds a relationship that makes the process easier. This alone might make it worth paying for a contractor to be able to benefit from this relationship.

5. You Won’t Have the Same Warranties if You Install the Panels Yourself

Just like the relationships between permitting offices and solar contractors in Dayton, solar companies will be more in touch with the panel manufacturers.

This means that you will be more likely to get a warranty when you work with a solar contractor rather than when you advocate for yourself in a DIY job. Many solar companies will resolve your problem quickly and take full responsibility to keep their relationship with you, the customer, strong.

6. It Will Take You a Lot of Time and Every Setback Will Fall Directly on Your Shoulders

Although it may seem obvious, we cannot help but emphasize that installing solar panels by yourself would be a major undertaking. You will need to put in a lot of effort and time. Every little problem along the way is your responsibility.

Go Solar With ESD Solar Today

Anyone who is interested in installing solar panels on their house for the first time will find Dayton, Ohio to be a great place to do it. So, if you’re thinking about going solar, or even if you just have a few questions about how it works, the solar professionals at ESD Solar are waiting to help.

When you hire us to do your solar installation in Dayton, you are guaranteed a quality solar installation that is safe, efficient, and will last. We pride ourselves on producing top-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Don’t put off your solar installation any longer – contact us today!

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