Why 2020 is The Year To Go Solar

The nature of CO2 emissions and climate change are on many people’s minds. There are also many homeowners that are interested in accessing improvements for their home that can lead to cost savings. Solar power across the US now produces a massive amount of energy and offsets 73 million metric tons of CO2 emissions every year. Homes that are using solar power have essentially taken the CO2 equivalent of 15.6 million vehicles off the road! If you thought about cleaner energy sources for your property, now is the time to access solar power because it has taken a dramatic cost reduction. It’s now more affordable to put in a solar power system that it has been over the course of the past decade. Here are some of the top reasons why 2020 is the year to go solar!

Home Systems are Affordable

A home system is built using a photovoltaic solar system. This type of solar panel is being manufactured much more readily and with a greater level of efficiency. It’s quite easy to convert the power of the sun into electricity that can power your home through these types of household solar panels. 

Electricity Costs Are Rising

Current electricity costs are on the rise and by choosing to install solar power you can essentially lock in your price for electricity over the next 25 years. Rather than having to deal with regular rate increases every few years, you can access one cost for energy and perhaps even generate credits with your energy company!

Government Credits Are Fading

Solar tax credits have been starting to decrease in value since 2017. Although government tax credits have been extended into 2022, the rates are going to fall further in 2021 as they have fallen throughout the year 2020. Getting into solar power today can be one of the best ways that you can secure the best rebate for your home income tax. 

Excellent Warranties

There are many manufacturers that are offering competitive warranties on solar power today. You can access systems which are covered for the next 25 years. This can make sure that you have access to a solar power solution that will keep your home generating quality power with guarantees from the manufacturer and on the installation of the system too. 

Renewable Energy Programs

It’s likely that a number of household installers and producers will not have access to renewable energy programs incentivizing the production of solar power in the future. Currently, you can get a credit from your electric company if you tie your solar system into the grid. If many more of your neighbors start to use solar power, it could be possible that you may not experience the same rates for electricity generation. 

Improves Home Value

Installing solar panels throughout your home or business can be an excellent way that you can improve the overall value of your property. If you’re interested in selling your property in the next few years you can make sure that it is possible to generate extra income in the sale of the property by installing these systems. You can often see a substantial increase in the overall asking price of your home just by installing these systems. 

If you would like to learn more about solar power panels and why this is the year that you should install them, contact us today! We can help you determine if solar panels would be an excellent idea for your property and how you can have them integrated into your roof design.

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