Most people assume that when your power goes out due to a severe storm and you have a solar energy system, your lights and power will remain on. Solar power does not automatically serve as a backup generator and solar energy will go down just like other forms of energy when you are experiencing a lightning storm or other power interruptions. Solar energy is still a valuable investment in your home and it can be a valuable asset if you choose a battery backup during a storm. This article explains what happens to your solar energy if your power goes out and how to prepare for it.

How Solar Energy Systems Work

Solar energy systems at their core include solar panels and these panels are responsible for absorbing the sun’s energy to create a DC electricity current. Most of the time an inverter is required to change this current over to alternating current for powering devices in our homes. When solar energy gets converted into AC energy, you can power almost anything in your home. Solar panels will continue to generate DC power but the inverter may not work when a storm occurs.

Backup Battery Systems

One of the best ways that you can prepare for inclement weather or the event of a power outage is to install a backup battery. Designing and implementing a custom backup system can be an added price with your installation of this technology can ensure that you will have consistent power even when the grid has been taken off-line. Installing a backup battery can improve efficiency in your solar system and they only require maintenance and replacement every 7 to 10 years. Items like the ESD Solar’s power wall and other battery backups can be a quality solution for preventing outages in your home or business.

If your solar power system is currently tied to the electricity grid, whenever the power goes out for your neighbors, you are bound to experience the same type of interruption. When a backup battery system is installed, the extra power that’s generated by your system can be transferred into the battery and then stored over the long term. The power that is saved in your battery system will last over an extended period of time and when the power goes out you will be able to switch over to the battery backup to run your home or business for a limited time. Having access to this battery backup will ensure that you can continue to access power during an outage for added convenience or pure necessity in your business.

If your home or business has ever been struck down by a power outage and you’ve experienced an inconvenience or panic with crucial systems like oxygen machines or computer systems going down, we can provide battery backup solutions for you.

These can be quality solutions for essential items as well as for improving the efficiency of your solar energy by storing excess energy if you have a solar installation that is running off the grid. Rather than having extra energy lost to the system or pushed out into the electrical grid, you can store more of the power your system generates in a battery backup solution. Battery technology is now better than ever before and with systems designed for greater efficiency in the home or business, it is becoming easier to integrate these systems and ensure they are working highly effectively.

Contact our team today if you are in need of a battery backup for your solar installation. We can provide you with a quality solution that is engineered for your system and designed to help you reduce your electrical costs and worry associated with power outages.


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