What Are The Best Solar Panels For Home Use?

There are many factors that can point you toward the best type of solar panel. As you are finding the best solar panels for your home, it is important to consider all the options and to find a module that is going to suit the needs of your home in the best way. Here are some differences between some top solar panels on the market.

Solar Panels For Everyday Use

It is likely that you have many uses for solar panels. If you are looking for a solar panel to charge your phone or power some lights, it is going to differ from something that needs to power your entire home. There are functional energy uses for each type of solar panel, but the standard KWH measurement for your home will determine the best type of solar panel that can suit your needs more directly. When we consider what our energy usage may be like, it is important to choose an item that is going to provide you with the right demand for solar energy. As your tablet, fridge, television, lighting, oven and potentially heat can all be linked back to solar panels for power, making sure that you can manage these requirements can be crucial.

The Best Construction For a Solar Panel

Not all panels are built the same. There are certain solar panels that are built more efficiently and with the ability to vary wattages, last for a longer period of time and more. Solar panel installs have various wattage changes, efficiency and more. 

The efficiency of a solar panel can help you to determine how much electricity the entire module will be able to produce. The panel wattage can let you know just how many panels will be required to help you power your home. High efficiency solar panels are more likely to have an excellent rating. Tested under standard conditions, a solar panel can convert between 15-20 percent of the UV energy that is received into real energy for the home. High efficiency panels can quickly convert as much as 23%. Solar panel wattages will usually range between 285 watts up to 360. When comparing the panels for home use, it is important to work with an expert to determine the efficiency and the wattage on the product. 

Home Solar Panels And Warranties

The best way to protect the products you have installed is to get a comprehensive warranty. Most solar panels that are installed will come with two product warranties. One that will cover installation and another that will cover the panels themselves. Home solar panels will have product warranties that can last 10-12 years. These are items that will guarantee the product can last for at least the full duration of the warranty. The second warranty handles efficiency, and this will guarantee a 90% efficiency rating over 10 years and 80% over the next 25 years. Most of these warranties will not extend beyond 25 years. 

Choosing aesthetics, Choosing the right aesthetics for your home or business can be important too. Functionality can be balanced with a panel that has an aesthetic appeal and does not devalue from your property. The right panels can blend into the structure of your home and make sure that you can sell your home faster in the future. 

If you have further questions about which solar panels you should be installing and what would be best suited for your home or business, contact our staff today. We can make sure the process of installing your solar panels can be done with a proper assessment and with a team of highly skilled experts that are ready to perform efficiency checks and more. 

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