Solar Panel Installation

The Different Ways Of Solar Panel Installation

Solar can be a great choice for remodeling your home’s exterior or when building a new house. Solar power can be used to increase the value of your house and make it more energy-efficient. Discover some incredible ways to transform your house with solar panel installation.

How Solar Energy Works

Solar power works by absorbing the sunlight through a photovoltaic cell. This generates direct current energy which is then converted into an alternating current or AC energy through an inverter. AC energy flows through the system’s electrical panel and gets distributed accordingly across the system. 

The main steps include:

  • Photovoltaic cells absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into DC electricity. 
  • A solar inverter converts the DC energy into AC electricity. 
  • Electricity flowing through your home powering electronic devices
  • Excess electricity from the solar panels is being fed back to the electric grid.

Solar Panel Installation

To make your home more efficient when renovating its exterior, you might consider solar panel installation to your roof.

Remember that there are many factors that can impact the value of solar panels for your exterior remodeling project. These factors include:

  • Geolocation: Different states and cities have different electrical costs. The higher the cost, the more valuable your solar panels will be. Your location can have an impact on how much sunlight your panels receive during the day. Florida is blessed with plenty of sunshine.
  • Prices for local solar: Also, consider the cost of solar installation in your area. If buyers are looking for homes that have solar systems installed, your home will be more attractive.
  • System output A larger system can generate more energy and provide more value when you renovate your exterior.

Don’t forget the Federal Solar Tax Credit for solar panel installation!

Roof Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels can be installed in a functional format on any type of roof, mounting solutions can be changed to accommodate the installation of various solar panels. The only difference that you may see between roofing types is the cost to mount solar panels because of the amount of equipment that can be required to install solar panels on specific roof types.

Solar Carports

A solar carport is the best choice if you’re planning on installing a carport as part of your exterior remodeling. For charging electric vehicles (EVs), solar carports have been popular in recent years. Solar carports can be used to charge your electric vehicle (EV) but they are much more than that! Solar carports can be used to provide energy for your home, as they produce as much or more energy than a roof-mounted system. Solar panels on carports are able to take full advantage of all the Florida sunshine because they can be installed in direct sunlight.

Solar Pool Heaters

A solar pool heating system can be used to heat an in-ground swimming pool during the winter months. It is very simple. Water is first filtered from the pool and then circulated through pipes to solar collectors. Once heated, it is piped back to the pool. A solar-powered pool heater is much more cost-effective than a traditional heater and produces its own electricity.

Go Solar With ESD Solar

ESD Solar can help you reap the benefits of installing solar panels during an exterior home remodeling. Solar energy is our specialty and we will help you choose the best option for your home.

Call us today for more information about solar panels and the reasons why they should be installed. We can help you determine if solar panels are right for your home and how to incorporate them into your roof design. ESD Solar Company can provide the best solar panels for your home, in Florida, Texas, and Colorado.

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