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ESD Solar – Tampa solar panels – What makes a great solar installation in Tampa?
The use of solar energy has become widespread across the world. More people are now embracing green energy due to their efficiency as well as low-cost. But just like any other manufactured product, solar panels vary.

There are those solar panels that have been manufactured in the best way, using the best materials, while others have been manufactured just to tap into the market. For the many years that ESD Solar has been in existence, we have come to learn the things that make a great solar system. This post looks at some of the things that makes a great solar installation.

Quality of solar panels

Once installed, the solar panels will spend their entire life in the hot sun and freezing rain. The climatic conditions that solar panels are exposed to are extremely harsh, and this takes a properly manufactured solar panel to withstand and last for a considerable period. Remember that solar panels are manufactured using a composite of chemically treated glass, silicon cells, plastics, aluminum, and other reactive materials.

A solar installation can only be considered to be great if the materials used to manufacture the solar panels are of high quality. In Tampa, ESD Solar is the leading in the production of high-quality solar panels for the residents.

No dangers of delamination

You don’t want to buy solar panels that will stay for a short while and then start delaminating. Delamination is simply the process where the bond between plastic and glass separate. This will allow air and moisture into the inside of the solar panel and can cause corrosion and, thus, failure of the panel. To ensure that you do not buy an already delaminated solar panel, ensure to check for bubbles, creases any form of imperfections on the rear surface of the solar panel. Learn more about solar.

Well sealed solar panels

To ensure that the rear of the solar module is well connected to the junction box, a sealant is used. The sealant is also used to bond the laminated solar panel into its aluminum frame. If the sealant is not well applied, then the sealants can easily react with the plastics and can cause early degradation. Ensure that the panel is well sealed, using the best sealant available. Great solar panels do not have micro-cracks

When poorly handled, solar panels can develop micro-cracks. This is especially during assembly through a non-automated system. Also, the cracks can develop during transportation or shock if not well packaged. Microcracks cause inefficiency in solar panels, as they lose power, and with time, they can even fail to function.

At ESD Solar, we ensure that we package the solar panels in a way that guarantees safe delivery without any cracks anywhere in Tampa.

Also, our transport system is a sure one. You can depend on us to transport and install your solar panels safely, with no extra costs.

Certainly, there are other ways of ensuring that you have a great solar installation. But by looking out for the above features of a good solar panel, you can be sure to have a deserving solar system in your home.

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