Switch To Solar Before 2022 Is Over

Switch To Solar Before 2022 Is Over

Many people are concerned about climate change and CO2 emissions. Many homeowners are looking to save money by making improvements to their homes. The US has solar power that produces huge amounts of energy and offsets over 73 million tons of CO2 emissions each year. Solar power has essentially removed the equivalent of 15.6 million cars from the roads by supplying energy to homes. Solar power has seen a dramatic price drop, so now is the right time to look into cleaner energy options from Tampa Solar companies. Installing a solar power system is now easier than it was in the past decade. These are the top reasons you should switch to solar before 2022 is over is the year you switch to solar.

Home Systems Are Affordable

Photovoltaic solar energy systems are used to build a home system. This type of panel is more efficient and easier to manufacture. These types of solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used to power your home.

Electricity Costs Are Rising

The current electricity prices are rising. By choosing to install solar energy, you can lock in your electricity price for the next 25-years. Instead of having to deal regularly with rate increases every few years, you can have one cost for electricity and maybe even earn credits with your energy company.

The End of Government Credits

Since 2017, solar tax credits have started to decline in value. While government tax credits were extended through 2023, rates will continue to decline in 2023. They have already fallen during the year 2022. Solar power can be a great way to get the best home income tax rebate.

Excellent Warranties

Many manufacturers offer competitive warranties for solar power. Systems that are covered for 25 years can be found here. This will ensure that your solar power system is covered for the next 25 years.

Renewable Energy Programs

Many household producers and installers will likely not be able to access renewable energy programs that encourage the production of solar energy in the future. If you connect your solar system to the grid, you will be eligible for a credit from your electric provider. It is possible that your electricity rates may be lower if you have more solar-powered neighbors.

Increases Home Value

Solar panels can make your home and business more valuable. These systems can help you generate additional income if you are looking to sell your property within the next few years. These systems can often result in a significant increase in your home’s asking price.

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