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Thinking about going solar in Tampa? Look no further than ESD! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line solar solutions for homes and businesses in the Tampa Bay area. With our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional customer service, we make it easy for you to make the switch to solar power.

Join the thousands of Tampa Bay residents who have already made the switch to solar with ESD. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you harness the power of the sun for your home or business.

Going Solar in Tampa

With an average of 244 days of sunshine a year the Tampa Bay area is a prime location for solar electric systems. The costs of almost year-round air conditioning, not to mention heating your pool, can make your energy bills prohibitively expensive. Installing a solar electric system can reduce, and possibly eliminate your monthly energy bill, all while helping you to lead a more sustainable life, decreasing your environmental footprint.

Now is a great time to invest in solar as prices have plummeted 70 % since 1998. The average residential solar system in Tampa costs between $15,000-25,000. Factor the price of running your home with fossil-fuel-based energy over the next 25 years, and you’ll find that a solar energy system provides a considerable return on your investment

Rebates and Incentives for Floridians

You can receive a federal tax credit for your solar system–up to 30% of the cost of your system with no maximum. Existing homes and new construction qualify for the credit, as well as principal residences and secondary homes. Rental properties are not eligible for the credit. These credits expire on December 31, 2016. Credits are available for both solar panels and solar water heaters.

An additional incentive is that solar energy systems have been exempt from Florida’s sales and use tax since July 1, 1997. Additionally, Florida excludes the value of a solar electric system (including solar water heaters) from your annual property taxes. So if you install a solar electric system on your home and your property value goes up, as a result, you will not have to pay increased property taxes as a result of the increase in value from the solar system. It is always advisable to speak with a tax professional or an attorney. With respect to any commercial or rental property to which you add a solar energy system.

Residential Solar Systems

ESD offers American-made, reliable home solar systems that are perfect for home electrical usage. Their manufacturer guarantees that our panels will increase your property’s value and save homeowners thousands of dollars each year.

ESD can design and install a residential solar power system that will supply energy for your home or business. We offer our residential customers an effective path toward energy independence, helping them bypass monopolistic utility companies that rent their power.

At ESD, we begin by offering you a complimentary energy audit to determine if solar is the right solution for you. Based on your energy audit results, we can show you how much money you will save depending on which size solar power system is recommended. ESD can assist in finding an intelligent solution with energy-saving options like solar hot water, pool heating, and pumps; plus, our energy-efficient solar panel products will make your home more energy efficient.

Commercial Solar Systems

As solar power costs continue to decline and demand for alternative sources of energy grows, workplaces are turning towards solar. ESD can reduce your commercial electricity use by 50%-90%, depending on system size and sun exposure. Your company could save thousands of dollars every year by installing solar panels on the roof of their building; imagine producing electricity from sunlight for office equipment, factories, or walk-in refrigerated units!

Commercial businesses will benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage in August 2022, which updates the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), offering a 30% federal credit on the total cost of installing solar arrays between 2022-2032. This credit reduces operating expenses and safeguards business owners against volatile electricity price increases.

ESD offers commercial customers access to our specialized expertise, which goes far beyond the limitations of the solar power industry. Our team has extensive knowledge about all things related to solar power – from building electric cars from scratch to powering remote parts of the world. 

ESD has never failed to meet their customer satisfaction goals. We take on each roof one at a time until every rooftop has solar panels installed.

Ready to Switch to Solar Energy?

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How Do Solar Panels Stand Up to Hurricane Season?

Solar panels can actually provide an additional level of protection to your home during a storm. Additionally, if there’s ever a problem with the roof that needs to be repaired, panels can easily be removed. Most solar panels are not attached directly to the roof itself, but rather to a mounted railing system. Installers use sealants to close any cracks. Often, metal flashing or other covers act as additional barriers against elements.

Do I Need to Get My Solar Energy System Approved by My Homeowners Association?

Yes, and no. Your right to install a solar energy system is protected by The Florida Solar Rights Act. The Act is a law that prohibits any person, even homeowners associations (HOA) from preventing the installation of solar. Other renewable energy devices for your business or home. That said, your HOA is not completely without rights. A lot of HOAs require a consultation prior to the system being installed. They may also impose restrictions on how the system is set up.

Any restrictions must be reasonable and applied in a uniform manner for all association members. Also, any restrictions must not have the effect of impairing the performance (i.e. placing panels under trees or on a portion of the roof that doesn’t receive direct sunlight) or increasing the cost of your solar energy system.

Why Choose ESD?

Affordable pricing and financing options ​

Excellent customer service ​

Top-of-the-line equipment and technology

A team of experienced and certified technicians​

What Our Customers Say About Us

Frances D.
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Just got my system installed, and the team was great! Clean install and cleaned up well after themselves. The panels look great, and they were able to fit them all exactly where I wanted. Excited to produce all my own energy. Thanks ESD for such a simple process!
Christopher M.
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ESD solar installed our panels to lower our monthly and annual power bill. We have noticed a big savings in just 4 months! Overall a painless process and a great investment. I highly recommend ESD Solar …. A+++
Marsha G.
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I was skeptical at first bc there's so many companies trying to scam people but I went with ESD Solar and I have to say I was completely happy with the project as a whole. Overall I would recommend ESD Solar to anyone looking to save money on the electric bill.

Tampa Solar FAQs

Is Tampa a good place for solar?

Tampa has become a mecca for solar enthusiasts. Florida ranks 13th nationwide for installed solar systems, boasting over 300 sunny days annually. Furthermore, costs have dropped by 4% in five years in Florida alone – making it an increasingly attractive place to go solar.

Are solar panels worth the cost?

Installing solar panels has many advantages. Not only do they reduce your monthly electricity bills, but they can also boost your home’s resale value, lower annual taxes, and help reduce environmental harm.

Does Florida offer a solar tax credit (ITC)?

This federal incentive helps anyone make the switch to solar energy and can be installed before 2022; after that, it will decrease to 26% of project costs; in 2023, it will drop back down to 22% again, then 10% for commercial installations and 0% for residence ones by 2024.

Florida does not currently provide a tax credit for solar energy, but you can take advantage of city-level incentives and rebates that apply to you.

Can solar panels increase your property taxes in Florida?

Florida law permits homeowners to get property tax exemptions so that they won’t owe additional taxes due to an increase in their home’s value. You’ll still reap the benefits of solar power but won’t have to shell out extra cash due to increased valuation.

What benefits can a Florida solar system bring to your home?

Solar panels not only increase your property’s value, but they offer greater returns on investment (ROI) than other improvements.

Florida also provides property tax exemptions to homeowners who install solar panel systems on their homes, preventing them from having to pay additional taxes due to the increase in value of their residences.

How long will solar panels last in Florida?

Solar panels are known for their durability and efficiency; on average, they last 25 years. ESD uses SunPower panels which are known to be among the most reliable and efficient on the market – only 1 out of every 20 SunPower solar panels will fail!

ESD provides a 25-year warranty on performance, product, and workmanship to guarantee your panels remain in top condition and produce at least 92% of their original production.

How many times can I use the solar tax credit in Florida?

Solar panels are incredibly durable, lasting an average of 25 years. ESD utilizes SunPower Solar panels which are known for being among the most durable and energy-efficient available – only 1 out of every 20 SunPower panels fail!

In order to help finance the installation and purchase of residential or commercial solar panels, the federal government offers an International Solar Tax Credit (ITC).

If your project is installed between 2022 and 2032, the ITC can help reduce 30% of the overall cost. Conversely, if it is completed between 2033 and 2033, then this reduction drops to 26%.

Will my homeowner’s insurance go up if I get solar panels?

Yes, your solar panels could increase your home insurance because they add value to your house; this depends on which policy you have in place.

Homeowners’ policies typically base their premiums on your property’s value, providing peace of mind in case of an accident. Your premiums may go up accordingly to reflect any increases in the value of your house.

How many solar panels do I need?

On average, homes require an eight kW system to generate enough electricity for their residential needs. An ESD eight-kW SunPower solar system features 24 panels and can easily meet this demand.

If your home consumes less electricity than expected, you can sell any excess to your utility provider. This allows you to continue enjoying the advantages of solar panels even if they aren’t producing all their energy.


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