Solar Power Equipment

Installing solar power equipment is easy with ESD Solar. Solar panels are energy efficient, sustainable and mid-term money-saving solution for your home.

Cut Electricity Bill

Energy bills have in the past years increased by at least 7% per year. You can protect yourself from the rising utility bills with solar panels. So while utility costs continue to peak each year, having solar panels can help to reduce the impact. Also, keep in mind that the electricity generated from the solar panels is free.

Earn Money Back

The solar energy isn’t quite ready for home use yet because solar panels create a kind of electricity that’s not compatible with the US electric system. Called direct current or DC electricity, it’s power that flows in one direction.

American homes rely on another form of electricity, called alternating current, or AC electricity. It’s different from DC electricity in that it can flow in more than one direction.

The US electric grid—which your home is connected to—runs on AC electricity. The US chose this form because AC tends to be efficient for electricity that travels long distances, as is often the case in North America, where the power moves over a huge grid. It includes 450,000 miles of high voltage transmission wire connected to 3,200 electric utilities.

How do we make the DC electricity produced by your solar panels into AC electricity that the U.S. grid likes? View more solar panels

That’s where a solar inverter comes into play. Also sometimes known as a solar converter, this is a rather uninteresting looking metal box that might be placed in your house somewhere near your fuse box. Despite its bland appearance, the box plays a major role in allowing our use of solar energy. Think of it as the translator between your solar panels and your house.

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