Solar Panels Tampa

Solar Panels Tampa

Tampa is an ideal place to enjoy solar panels, with nearly year-round sunlight and extremely beautiful skies, solar panels generate the maximum amount of energy here. Our installation of solar panels ensures that we can supply clean energy across Florida and reduce the overall pollution that is created by the number of traditional energy sources across the United States.

Solar power can decrease the need for fossil fuels to be used in order to generate power. We’re doing our part to reduce pollution in Florida as well as making sure that the next generation of homes can be greener.  Looking for solar panels in Tampa FL? ESD Solar is the premier solar installation company in the greater Tampa Bay area; with thousands of installations under our belts we can ensure the most efficient solar installation in the industry! Our company is proud to bring you the option of the latest solar panel technology. We ensure that you can take advantage of the sun’s energy and convert its power for your home. The newest technologies here help you produce reliable and clean energy as well as benefit your neighbors by selling some of that power back to the electricity grid!

Florida Solar Incentives

Now is the perfect time to get into solar panels in Tampa. There’s a variety of incentives available to help you pay down the cost of solar panels extremely quickly. With the wide range of incentives available to people across Tampa, the government is working to encourage the use of solar installations. The payback on solar panels will differ in each property but the investment often pays back within 6 to 8 years. With the tax credits which are available, it is often possible to pay them down much faster and get a lower upfront price!

In Florida you can qualify for the federal solar investment tax credit, property tax exemptions for the sales tax exemptions on the materials as well as net metering credits from your utility. These are some excellent ways that you can reduce the payback period for your solar panels and eventually even make some extra money from your solar panels. The Florida solar investment credit delivers a 26% tax credit on the cost of your solar panels that you can recoup on your income tax. The solar sales tax exemption also ensures that solar panels are exempt from sales tax. There is no need to pay the sales tax on many of the materials for your installation. 

The Florida solar property tax exemption will ensure that the solar panels will not cause you to pay higher property taxes. Even though adding solar panels can improve the value of your home, you will never have to pay extra property taxes as a result of the installation and the valuation increase!

Net Metering

Net metering involves your solar panels being hooked up to the electricity grid and this will allow you to access credits from your utility when your solar panels are generating power. Your meter will essentially run backwards and you will be credited for the power that your solar panels generate but also still allowed to access the grid on cloudier days or when your home needs a peak demand for power.

ESD Solar’s goal is to make the process of installing solar panels on your property as smooth and seamless as possible. Our skilled technicians will set up your panels to produce the maximum amount of energy they can; this ensures a shorter payback period on your system. Contact us today to learn more about how you can leverage solar panels in Tampa to your benefit!

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