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In Rock Hill, SC, a revolution in clean, renewable energy is underway, and ESD is the leading provider of solar panels. Our commitment to environmental sustainability, combined with our dedication to helping homeowners and businesses achieve energy independence, positions us as your go-to provider for solar panel solutions. With ESD, transitioning to solar power is not just an investment in your property—it’s a step towards a greener future.

Why Go Solar? You Can:

Why ESD Stands Out

As one of South Carolina’s most prominent solar providers, ESD brings excellence and experience to every installation. Our team is passionate about delivering energy solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. We pride ourselves on our sleek, durable solar panels that not only perform efficiently but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Tailored Energy Assessments

Our process starts with a detailed evaluation of your home or business, pinpointing areas where energy can be saved. We assess air ducts, windows, doors, insulation, and lighting to recommend improvements that will maximize your energy savings. This comprehensive approach ensures that your solar panels work in tandem with other energy-saving measures for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Advanced Solar Panel Technology

With top-notch solar panels in Rock Hill, SC, we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide panels that are lightweight, flexible, waterproof, wind-resistant, and virtually unbreakable. Our panels are designed for seamless integration into your roof, boasting a low-profile look that eliminates visible mounting hardware for a clean, streamlined appearance.

Personalized Solar Solutions

No matter the scope of your project—be it residential, commercial, or industrial—ESD has the expertise to deliver high-quality solar panels in Rock Hill, SC. Our services encompass:

  • No-cost in-home consultations to identify your energy needs
  • Custom photovoltaic system designs to minimize your electric bill
  • Reviews of electricity usage and energy-saving strategies
  • Complete handling of design, permitting, and installation processes

Your Financing Options

Understanding that the initial cost can be a barrier, ESD offers various financing solutions to make solar energy accessible. Whether you prefer to buy your system outright or finance it with a loan, we have options to suit your financial situation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of solar power without the upfront financial burden.

How to Go Solar in
3 Easy Steps

Schedule a Consultation

Design Your System

Solar Installation

Solar Panel Installation Jacksonville FL

Ready to Switch to Solar Energy?

Our team will conduct a FREE in-home consultation to define your solar needs

The Best Solar Company in South Carolina

You can save a lot of money by investing in high-quality solar panels from a trustworthy company like Energy Solutions Direct. Our professionals will carefully assess your entire home to figure out the best ways to save both energy and money.

During the evaluation, our experts will go through different areas of your home, such as air ducts, doors, windows, air sealing, insulation, and lighting. Once the evaluation is done, an Energy Solutions Direct Auditor will review their findings and offer money-saving recommendations. They’ll also be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Our Main Services Include:

Free Home Consultation

We offer a complimentary in-home consultation to understand the specific needs of homeowners.

Customized Photovoltaic System Design

We create personalized designs for solar power systems to effectively reduce electrical bills.

Electricity Consumption Review

Our experts analyze your electricity consumption and suggest energy-saving methods tailored to your needs.

Design, Permitting, and Installation

We handle the complete process, from designing the system to obtaining permits and carrying out the installation.

Renewable Source

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Maintenance

Start saving up to 100% on your electricity bill today.

Easy Installation

With our solar panels, you will generate your own power.

The ESD Advantage

Choosing ESD means you’re partnering with the leading provider of solar panels in Rock Hill, SC. Our commitment to quality extends to every component we use, ensuring that your solar system is as efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing. Our rail-free systems and adherence to all local codes exemplify our dedication to top-tier service and customer satisfaction.

Take the Leap into Solar with ESD in Rock Hill

The journey to solar energy is easier and more beneficial than ever with ESD. Our tailored systems are designed to meet the unique needs of your home, guiding you from the initial consultation through to installation. By choosing ESD, you’re not only saving on your electric bill but also contributing to a healthier planet.

What makes ESD stand out from other companies?

By implementing the latest technology, ESD is able to provide a significantly better product in a shorter time. All while ensuring better accuracy, custom design, attention to detail, better quality. ESD has been successfully working with many residential and commercial companies. Within the first ten years, ESD has become an award-winning player in the solar panels market and one of the most respected, fastest growing, successful companies in the region.

The most advanced computer-based processes

Custom CAD Design

Wireless real-time data analytics

The most trusted brands in the industry

Monitor your investment from anywhere in the world

100% Digital data processing

ESD contributes to the local businesses. ESD donated to Love McKinley . Proceeds go towards Cancer Research and Development via Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

We have donated to LCC Day School to benefit local education at that school and Pasadena Community Church.

Make the Switch Today

ESD is ready to transform how you power your home or business in Rock Hill, SC. With our expertise in solar solutions for various applications, we streamline the process, handling all permitting and installation so you can quickly enjoy the perks of solar energy. As Rock Hill’s preferred solar panel installation company, we’re excited to help you embark on a sustainable energy journey.

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