Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panels require very little in the way of a maintenance plan. Once they are installed, it takes just a few steps to make sure the systems are working at their best capacity. In order to make sure that the system is operating at its ideal efficiency, it is important to follow some of these top maintenance tips. Solar Panel Maintenance is very important and something that most people do not think about.

Cleaning Process

A solar panel needs to be cleaned on an annual basis. The system needs to be able to absorb as much energy as it can from the sun and one of the things that can impede this would be dust and debris. Items building up along the panels can be a natural process and this can often take the form of pollen, dust, and more. The cleaning process is something that the owner can take on regularly and this will mean cleaning off the debris from glass panels with proper tools.

Working with a solar company can also make sure that debris can be removed from the glass panels safely and that the panels can be properly adjusted for their optimal use. 

Preparing for Poor Weather

In the event that your panels are exposed to poor weather conditions, it could be wise to seek an inspection afterward. Serious damage to your solar panels can occur as a result of a storm or in the aftermath of one. Snow will eventually melt off if you face cooler conditions but you may require the assistance of a professional if you need to face the removal of debris or inspection or damage following a storm. 


A small crack or damage can affect the performance of a solar cell considerably. Checking for the signs of broken glass, power cuts, poor power production, or errors from your inverter can all be signs that you need repairs. If problems continue to mount and you face issues that are undetected, you may not be able to save as much power in the long run as you might expect. Calling a solar provider as soon as you notice the issue can be important and it will help you determine if you have a need for repairs. 

Ongoing Inspections

A solar panel system comes with a monitor and this can help you as a homeowner to measure the performance of your solar system. If your monitor suggests you are having a failure, you should contact an inspector as soon as possible; annual inspections can spot the smallest signs of a problem. Annual inspections are often recommended at a minimum but a number of solar installation experts would suggest doing an inspection at least once every season change. 


When it comes to the maintenance and repairs that need to be done on your solar system, it is important that you remain proactive. Putting off regular repairs and maintenance can be a big issue with the system. Read the warranties on your system and make sure that you are checking in with your home insurance to see if a solar panel is covered under your current insurance policy as well. 

Even with these top considerations in mind for maintenance, keep in mind that a solar panel installation process can be handled quite easily and managed over time easily as well. Solar energy is designed to be a low maintenance option but this assumes that you are completing your regular inspections, keeping up with repairs, and working to keep your system clean. By making sure to follow the requirements of your solar cells, you can enjoy a better experience with your solar panels, and with the future of your solar system’s efficiency. If you have any further questions about solar installation please contact us today.


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