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ESD is one of the top solar power companies offering solar panel installation in New Port Richey, FL. With over 30 years of experience and licensed and certified installers, ESD has completed thousands of residential and commercial installations around the world, including US Embassies and high schools, community centers, hospitals, hotels, factories, and agricultural centers. Their commitment to providing sustainable, clean energy for Florida homeowners and businesses is evident in their work. To schedule a consultation, call ESD today at 800-425-1175.

Solar Panel Installation New Port Richey FL

New Port Richey Solar: Get Started Today

When sunlight hits the solar cells, it creates an electrical current. The energy is then channeled through an inverter, where it is transformed from direct current power (DC) to alternating-current power (AC), supplying energy to your house. New Port Richey, FL is located in the Sunshine State and thus has excellent solar energy absorption. If you opt to install a grid-tied solar system, you will receive credits for any excess energy that you produce. This can reduce or eliminate your utility bills.

Why Choose ESD?

Renewable Source

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Maintenance

Start saving up to 100% on your electricity bill today.

Easy Installation

With our solar panels, you will generate your own power.

Learn About Your Solar Options

Solar systems can be classified into three main types:

Grid-Tied Solar System

Install solar panels and use the energy produced to power your business or home. You can use the grid to get electricity when no energy is being produced. Solar panels can also send excess energy back to the grid, and you can receive credit for it.

Grid-Tied with Battery Backup

Install solar panels and use the energy produced to power your business or home. If no energy is being produced, you can access power from your battery, and, if needed, from the grid. Solar panels can also send excess energy back to the grid once your battery is full.

Stand-Alone (Off Grid) Solar

Install solar panels and use the energy produced to power your business or home. You can use your battery to generate power when there is no energy being produced. You have total energy independence and are not tied down to the grid.

Solar Panel Installation In Aurora, Colorado

Ready to Switch to Solar Energy?

Our team will conduct a FREE in-home consultation to define your solar needs

Extending the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit!

The 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit will be extended through 2034! In 2033 and 2034, it will drop to 26% and then 22% before disappearing in 2035. Moreover, commercial solar installations in New Port Richey are still eligible for a 30% tax credit until 2024.

Remember that credit is different from a deduction. Credits mean that you will have your tax liability washed off your taxes. You can save $6000 on taxes if, for example, you paid $20,000 in the current year for a 6kW system.

$0 Down Payment Financing Option

There are a number of financing options available for solar in New Port Richey FL. Home equity or home improvement loans are the most popular choices. You can get many of them with little or no money down, and you still have the opportunity to benefit from the federal tax credit. The value of the home you add to with solar is exempt from property tax increases in New Port Richey.

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How to Go Solar in
3 Easy Steps

Schedule a Consultation

Design Your System

Solar Installation

Cut or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

What can you expect to save on your electricity bill in New Port Richey with solar? Your solar system usually generates more energy than you require. Grid-tied systems send any power that is not used back to the grid. Net metering is a system that allows you to receive “credits” for the power you provide to your utility. This process causes your meter to run in reverse, and therefore, lowers your bill.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing solar panels in New Port Richey can provide residents and business owners with a quick return on investment. They can reduce or eliminate your electric bill immediately and add tax-exempt property value to your house or business. Even if you are paying a monthly loan, your electric bill is usually less than the loan payment. According to a 2019 Zillow study, the average value of a home increased by 4.1% with solar panels installed.

By installing solar panels, you can use the energy produced to power your home or business. You can also store excess energy in your battery to generate power when there is no solar energy available. This way, you have total energy independence and are not dependent on the grid.

A free in-home consultation to define the homeowner’s needs

Customized design of photovoltaic systems to offset electrical bill

A review of electricity usage and energy saving methods

Design, permitting and installation

Get A custom Quote

Solar Installation & Permitting In New Port Richey FL

New Port Richey has specific requirements for permits and inspections when installing solar panels. But don’t worry, you don’t need to handle these permits and inspections yourself. Your solar project manager at ESD takes care of all of this for you. In fact, you don’t even need to be at home during the process. We also oversee engineering, design, and installation to make going solar as easy as possible for you.

So if you’re a New Port Richey resident or business owner looking to go solar, contact ESD today! We love to simplify the solar process and help our customers save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

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