Solar Panel Installation In Ohio​

As you can see, solar energy is the future. Ohio’s solar industry has been thriving since 2010, and as the demand for clean energy continues to grow, so does the number of solar companies in the state. Here we will talk about solar panel installation in Ohio.

Homeowners in Ohio are making the switch to solar energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Ohio is the top state in the country for installing solar panels. It was the most recent state to surpass 10,000 installed solar panels.

How to Get Solar Panel Savings in Ohio?

You can save money by purchasing a solar system through a local company. For example, Ohio residents can receive all applicable tax credits by installing a solar power system with ESD Solar. You can also save money by having your system professionally optimized and installed by a leading solar company like ours. 

In order to receive the tax credits, solar companies are required to follow certain guidelines set by the Ohio Public Utility Commission (PUC). 

Solar Panel Installation In Ohio

How Solar Saves You Money!

The first step to purchasing a solar system is to do your research. Before you make a decision about installing a solar system, you will need to know what types of solar panels you can use. Solar panels can be divided into two main categories: photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal. PV solar panels convert light into electricity and are most commonly used for residential applications. Solar thermal panels are used to generate heat and can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Solar installations will also save you money by improving your property value and helping you fight inflation. The installation of a solar panel system will keep your costs for energy locked in over the next 20 years ensuring that you can stop inflation on all your energy costs. 

We Install Only Premium Equipment

ESD is a licensed and insured solar company in Ohio. Our team of solar experts can install solar panels on the roof of your home. We install solar systems with the highest quality equipment and use only top-quality solar panels and components.

About ESD

We are a trusted solar energy installation company. We provide residential and commercial solar panels and help reduce or even eliminate electricity bills. Our team of solar experts can design and implement a custom solar power system to meet your needs.

Call Us for More Information on Solar Installations in Ohio

ESD will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you choose the solar system that is right for you. We offer free consultations, so contact us today!

A free in-home consultation to define the homeowner’s needs

Customized design of photovoltaic systems to offset electrical bill

A review of electricity usage and energy saving methods

Design, permitting and installation

Get A custom Quote

Easy Process To Own Solar Panels In Ohio

We will take care of the installation and monitoring while you can enjoy years of saving on the electric bill and getting clean power.

Choose the best solar plan for you.

You’ll get a unique and customized solar energy system that is best for your home.

Our team will walk you through the whole process – from consultation to installation.

We use top of the line solar systems to provide the best solar panels for you.

Save money with financing solar.

Help the environment and save money.

ESD specializes in systems for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. We offer specific system designs. ESD handles all permitting processes and installations. It allows the process to move faster. We are a licensed solar company. Our customer service team is always ready to handle any situations.

ESD is the leading solar panel installation company in Ohio.

ESD uses only top of the line components for all of your mounting needs.

We specialize in rail free systems that give a low profile and streamline design.

All systems are installed to meet or exceed all code requirements for your specific county.

What Makes ESD Stand Out From Other Companies?

By implementing the latest technology, ESD is able to provide a significantly better product in a shorter time. All while ensuring better accuracy, custom design, attention to detail, better quality. ESD has been successfully working with many residential and commercial companies. Within the first ten years, ESD has become an award-winning player in the solar panels market and one of the most respected, fastest growing, successful companies in the region.

The most advanced computer-based processes

Custom CAD Design

Wireless real-time data analytics

The most trusted brands in the industry

Monitor your investment from anywhere in the world

100% Digital data processing

ESD contributes to the local businesses. ESD donated to Love McKinley . Proceeds go towards Cancer Research and Development via Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

We have donated to LCC Day School to benefit local education at that school and Pasadena Community Church.

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