Solar Panel Installation In Lakeland, FL

For those who live in the Lakeland area, solar panels are a popular option for a variety of reasons. They can be a great way to reduce your monthly electric bill, help you save money, or even lower your carbon footprint. If you’re thinking about solar panel installation in Lakeland FL, here’s what you need to know. Solar energy is the most sustainable form of energy that exists. It is renewable, so you don’t need to worry about it running out. Also, unlike fossil fuels, it doesn’t create harmful emissions to produce power. Start looking for the best solar companies in Lakeland FL today!


Solar Panel Installation In Houston, Texas

How to Get Solar Panel Savings in Lakeland?

To reap the benefits of solar energy, you’ll need to install Florida solar panels. Installing solar systems can be expensive upfront, but there are several ways to save money on solar panels. Many people in Lakeland use government incentives to help cut the cost of solar energy. You may be eligible for tax credits, grants, or rebates from either the federal or state government. You can get more information by contacting the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative. If you live in Florida, there are plenty of solar panel companies in Lakeland FL who has received a high customer satisfaction rating. To find the right solar installer for you, you can search a directory for solar panel installation in Florida.

How Much Can I Save By Switching to Solar in Lakeland?

If you are interested in solar panel installation in Lakeland FL, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity. Before you choose a solar panel system, you need to look at how much energy it will produce. Many people choose to use solar energy instead of utility power to reduce their monthly electric bills.

Installing solar panels in Lakeland FL can save you money, but you can save even more money if you include solar heating systems. Solar heating is a great way to lower your monthly heating costs. With solar heating, you can heat your water without using electricity.

The amount of money you can save in Lakeland with solar power depends on your current electricity usage and the amount of energy you produce. Switching to solar can help you save up to $30,000 on your electric bill.

Residential Solar Installation in Lakeland FL

Residential solar installation in Lakeland FL is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy costs and become more environmentally friendly. There are many benefits to installing solar panels on your home, including financial savings, energy independence, and reduced carbon footprint. 

One of the main benefits of residential solar installation in Lakeland FL is the financial savings it can provide. Solar panels allow homeowners to generate their own electricity, reducing or eliminating their dependence on traditional utility companies. This can result in significant savings on monthly energy bills, as well as potential state and federal tax credits. In Florida, there is no state income tax, so the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can be claimed in full. This credit allows homeowners to claim 26% of the cost of their solar installation on their federal taxes, which can result in substantial savings.

Another benefit of solar panel installation in Lakeland FL is energy independence. With solar panels, homeowners can generate their own electricity, which means they are not as affected by power outages or fluctuations in energy prices. This is especially important for homeowners in Lakeland, FL, which is known for its hot summers and occasional hurricanes. With solar panels, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that they will have a reliable source of electricity even during power outages.

Why Choose ESD Solar as the Best Solar Company in Lakeland FL

ESD Solar is a highly reputable and experienced solar company in Lakeland, FL that has been serving the community for many years. There are several reasons why homeowners should choose ESD Solar as the best solar company in Lakeland, FL:

Experience and Expertise

ESD Solar has a team of experienced and highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable about all aspects of solar installation. They are experts in assessing the solar potential of a home, designing the solar system, and completing the installation. They also have the necessary licenses and certifications to ensure that the installation is done safely and in compliance with all local regulations.

High-Quality Products

ESD Solar uses high-quality solar panels, inverters, and other equipment from top manufacturers in the industry. This ensures that the solar system is durable and efficient, and will provide the highest savings for homeowners in the long run.

Customized Solutions

ESD Solar provides customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each homeowner. They will assess the energy needs of the home, the location, and the budget to design the most efficient and cost-effective solar system possible.

Professionalism and Customer Service

ESD Solar is known for its professionalism and commitment to customer service. They will work closely with homeowners throughout the entire process, from the initial assessment to the final installation. They will also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the solar system is working at optimal performance.

Strong Reputation

ESD Solar has a strong reputation in the Lakeland area for providing high-quality solar installation services at competitive prices. They have a large base of satisfied customers who have seen significant savings on their energy bills and have recommended their services to others.

In summary, ESD Solar is a highly reputable and experienced solar company in Lakeland, FL that provides high-quality products, customized solutions, and excellent customer service. They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best solar solutions for homeowners in the area. With ESD Solar, homeowners can rest assured that they are getting the best solar installation services possible.

Contact ESD For Lakeland Solar Panel Installation 

You don’t need to search through hundreds of solar companies in Lakeland FL; ESD Solar is here for you! We work with trusted equipment manufacturers and only install high-quality parts. We install solar panels, batteries, and inverters made by reputable companies such as LG, Panasonic, and SMA Solar Technology. ESD Solar is one of the top rated solar companies in Lakeland FL.

Our professional solar installers can provide a much better product in a short time by implementing the most recent technology. ESD Solar is able to provide better quality, customization, and attention to detail while still ensuring greater accuracy. We have worked successfully with numerous commercial and residential customers. ESD Solar, a regional leader in solar panels, has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most respected local Florida solar contractors in just ten years.

  • The most advanced computer-based processing
  • Custom CAD Design
  • Wireless real-time data analysis
  • These are the most trusted brands in this industry
  • You can monitor your investments from any location in the world
  • 100% Digital data processing

We are an A+ accredited and licensed solar company in Lakeland FL established in 2014 and is known for customer satisfaction, quality panels that are manufactured in the United States, and competitive pricing. ESD Solar will cover all manufacturer’s warranty and labor for a minimum of 10 years, and are quick to respond to your questions or any concerns.

Areas We Serve

Contact ESD Solar for more information on your solar power installation and how to take part in cleaner energy today! 


A free in-home consultation to define the homeowner’s needs

Customized design of photovoltaic systems to offset electrical bill

A review of electricity usage and energy saving methods

Design, permitting and installation

Get A custom Quote

Easy Process To Own Solar Panels In Lakeland

We will take care of the installation and monitoring while you can enjoy years of saving on the electric bill and getting clean power.

Choose the best solar plan for you.

You’ll get a unique and customized solar energy system that is best for your home.

Our team will walk you through the whole process – from consultation to installation.

We use top of the line solar systems to provide the best solar panels for you.

Save money with financing solar.

Help the environment and save money.

ESD Solar specializes in systems for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. We offer specific system designs. ESD Solar handles all permitting processes and installations. It allows the process to move faster. We are a licensed solar company. Our customer service team is always ready to handle any situation.

ESD Solar is the leading solar panel installation company in Lakeland.

ESD Solar uses only top of the line components for all of your mounting needs.

We specialize in rail free systems that give a low profile and streamline design.

All systems are installed to meet or exceed all code requirements for your specific county.

What Makes ESD Solar Stand Out From Other Companies?

By implementing the latest technology, ESD Solar is able to provide a significantly better product in a shorter time. All while ensuring better accuracy, custom design, attention to detail, better quality. ESD Solar has been successfully working with many residential and commercial companies. Within the first ten years, ESD Solar has become an award-winning player in the solar panels market and one of the most respected, fastest growing, successful companies in the region.

The most advanced computer-based processes

Custom CAD Design

Wireless real-time data analytics

The most trusted brands in the industry

Monitor your investment from anywhere in the world

100% Digital data processing

ESD Solar contributes to the local businesses. ESD Solar donated to Love McKinley . Proceeds go towards Cancer Research and Development via Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

We have donated to LCC Day School to benefit local education at that school and Pasadena Community Church.

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