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Businesses looking to reduce their electricity costs are increasingly turning to solar panels and backup battery systems. Solar has been a trend for a few years now, thanks to the steady drop in price and the increase in solar rebates and incentives. Going solar is a major decision, and there are many things to consider before making the switch. This guide will help you decide if using solar energy in Florida is the right choice for you and how to purchase.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Photovoltaic panels (PV panels) use the sun’s rays to produce electricity. Solar panels comprise 60-72 silicon cells, which can be either polycrystalline or monocrystalline. These cells are made of silicon atoms. When sunlight hits the cells, it knocks off electrons. Solar inverters then convert the direct current energy into alternating current. Solar panels come in monocrystalline or polycrystalline varieties, which differ in color and energy efficiency.

Is My Business Ready for Solar?

The readiness of your business for solar panel installation depends on several factors. It is important to consider the roof area and type of roof. Solar panels are not suitable for some roofs, like slate tiles or wooden roofing. Talk to an expert about fixing your roof if it is damaged or does not receive enough sunlight. If your roof is more than 10 years old, we recommend that you replace it before installing solar panels.

ESD Solar can help you determine the best direction to install your solar panels. They will also advise you on whether you should choose roof-mounted or ground-mounted panels and consider any space limitations caused by obstructions or shade when creating your quote. If you have the space for solar panels, you can install them on your roof or in a carport.



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Solar Energy Florida

Do I Need Battery Storage?

Solar batteries can help keep your business running during storms, blackouts, or brownouts, as well as at night when your panels aren’t producing energy. Solar batteries store excess energy produced by your panels during peak hours of sunlight. This excess energy can either be sent back into the grid via net metering or stored in solar batteries.

Is Solar Energy Reliable?

Solar energy in Florida is a reliable source of power. Unlike fossil fuels that are rapidly depleting, solar power is based on the sun. Your solar panels can provide energy even on cloudy or rainy days. Solar panels have been stress-tested to ensure they can withstand extreme weather conditions, including hail, snow, and rain. If your business is in an area that experiences severe storms, you may have experienced power outages at unfavorable times. Solar panels allow you to keep your business running during and after storms without having to wait on your utility company.

Abundant Sunshine

Florida, often referred to as the “Sunshine State,” is an ideal location for solar energy production due to its abundant sunshine year-round. This natural resource provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to generate their own power efficiently and cost-effectively.

Financial Incentives

Florida offers a variety of financial incentives for solar energy adoption, including tax credits and rebates that can significantly reduce the upfront costs of installing solar panels. These incentives make it financially attractive for business owners to invest in solar energy systems.

Energy Independence

Investing in solar energy allows Florida business owners to achieve a greater degree of energy independence. By generating their own electricity, businesses can shield themselves from fluctuations in utility prices and reduce their overall energy costs.

Environmental Impact

Utilizing solar energy significantly reduces a business’s carbon footprint, aligning with increasing consumer and regulatory demands for sustainable practices. This not only helps the environment but also enhances a company’s reputation among environmentally conscious consumers.

Reliability in Storm-Prone Areas

Florida’s susceptibility to hurricanes and tropical storms makes reliable energy sources crucial for businesses. Solar panels can provide power during and after such events, ensuring continuous operation and reducing the potential for costly downtimes.

Long-Term Savings

While the initial investment in solar technology can be substantial, the long-term savings on energy costs are significant. Solar panels have a long lifespan, often exceeding 25 years, with minimal maintenance costs, ensuring that businesses can benefit from free solar power long after the initial payback period.

How Do Businesses Benefit From Solar?

Businesses that choose solar could save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills. You can save money by offsetting up to 100 percent of your electricity bill. Solar energy is the best option in the face of volatile energy prices and the skyrocketing costs of fossil fuels.

Businesses that install solar panels also benefit from an environmentally-conscious image. Consumers are concerned about the environmental practices that businesses adopt. Solar energy in Florida can help boost your business’s sustainability and reduce harmful emissions.

Solar Energy Florida

Can You DIY Solar?

It is possible to install solar panels yourself, but it is extremely time-consuming and difficult without a solid understanding of solar installation. There is also a high margin for error. The worst part is that installing solar panels yourself can be dangerous. You will need to climb up to the roof, which poses a height risk. You could also cause structural damage to the roof and electrical wiring of your building. It is best to find a professional commercial solar installation service and ask for a quote.

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