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ESD, one of the top solar companies in Orlando, is renowned for its high-quality equipment and services. Our Solar Energy Specialists assist homeowners in customizing their solar panels. We exclusively use equipment from trusted brands that guarantee long-lasting performance. Our solar energy systems are not only user-friendly but also incorporate innovative features to maximize their benefits. For instance, you can monitor your system’s production in real-time.

ESD installs efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar panel systems. These panels not only improve the curb appeal of your home but also maintain their performance. Our equipment is supported by extensive warranty coverage to safeguard your investment. Additionally, we extend our commitment to quality to your roof. The solar experts at ESD will evaluate the condition of your roof and ensure its integrity throughout the installation process.

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Why Choose ESD Among Solar Companies in Orlando?

ESD holds a prominent position as one of America’s most renowned and reliable solar companies in Orlando. We strive to empower individuals in powering their homes through solar energy. Our passion lies in solar innovation, as we aspire to make a positive impact on lives and the world at large. As part of our exceptional customer service, we take pride in educating homeowners about the numerous benefits of solar installations in Orlando. With full licensing and insurance, we have been assisting homeowners for many years.

At ESD, we prioritize fulfilling our commitment to years of warranty provided for our products and services. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional quality and reliability.

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With our solar panels, you will generate your own power.

Solar Panel Installation Services in Orlando

Orlando is renowned for its amusement parks and abundant sunshine. With an average of 233 sunny days per year, surpassing the U.S. national average of 205, going solar in Orlando presents numerous benefits. ESD stands out as the optimal choice for solar installation in Orlando. Our team of reliable professionals guarantees unwavering professionalism throughout the process. We provide high-quality equipment and comprehensive warranties to ensure your satisfaction.

By choosing ESD for your Orlando solar installation, you can experience the advantages of harnessing the city’s abundant sunshine while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our exceptional service and commitment to excellence.

Power Outages: How to Protect Your Home

Orlando is no stranger to power failures resulting from hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Florida is also renowned as the lightning capital of the United States, posing a threat to power lines. The loss of power can be a significant issue, particularly considering that the majority of severe storms occur during the summer months.

You can safeguard yourself against power outages by incorporating a backup solar battery with your solar panels. This allows the surplus energy generated by your solar panels to be stored in the battery. The stored energy can then be utilized during grid outages or during nighttime when solar panel production is limited.

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Orlando Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates

Over the past decade, the costs of solar energy have consistently decreased, making solar installations in Orlando more affordable. Additionally, there are various solar incentives available to further reduce the financial burden:

 If you meet the eligibility criteria for a solar energy system, you can receive a 30% tax credit on your federal taxes for the year of installation.

The Residential Renewable Energy Property Tax Exclusion in Florida ensures that you are not subject to higher property taxes due to the installation of solar panels on your home.

Florida residents who purchase their solar energy systems outright are exempt from paying sales taxes, thanks to the Solar & CHP Sales Tax Exemption.

Homeowners with solar installations in Florida, including those with Florida Power & Light (FPL), Duke Energy Florida, and Florida Public Utilities Corporation, can benefit from net metering. This program allows you to send any excess solar power generated by your panels back to the grid, earning credits from your utility provider.

These incentives and exemptions contribute to making solar installations in Orlando more accessible and financially advantageous for homeowners.

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Solar energy is an ideal choice for the Sunshine State, and ESD is here to assist you in harnessing the benefits of an Orlando solar system. We will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience.  In addition, you will have the support of a dedicated Solar Energy Specialist who can address any inquiries you may have. 

Take advantage of this opportunity by requesting a free quote for a solar panel system today with one of the best solar companies in Orlando. 

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