Questions to Ask Solar Companies

A solar panel system for a residential home or a business can be a considerable investment. Even though it can help you save on energy, a solar panel install still requires research and a bit of upfront risk. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can cut down on the costs of your solar panels. Asking the right questions will make sure that you can get through the task of choosing the right solar panels, installing them correctly, and maintain your system too. Before you start asking questions, consider finding a company that has an excellent reputation. Checking some online reviews and finding someone that is going to be available for a non rushed consultation can be crucial. Here are some of the most important questions to ask solar companies.

Do You Use Any Contractors?

Making sure that you are working with a company that does all their own installations is very important. There are many solar panel companies that handle everything in the house. Some solar companies choose to only do the financing upfront and then they handle the source of supply and contract the labor. Working with a company that uses contracted labor can often save you money on the installation costs, but you will not be working with experts in solar throughout. There are inherent risks working with contractors too. A solar company that sold you the system may leave you with promises the contracted laborer simply cannot keep. 

Parts And Labor On Solar System

The parts and the labor for your solar system will also need to be covered. After the system is installed, there are a series of external factors that could cause it to fail such as storms. If your system was installed by an inexperienced installer, there is also a chance that you may face errors in efficiency and a lack of guarantee for the power output on your system. Rather than putting your new solar energy system at risk, you can make sure that the process can be handled more easily by choosing a company that offers a labor guarantee for your solar panels. Many installers will offer a warranty that covers the parts, labor, repairs, and more. 

Choosing The Right Manufacturer

Asking more about the manufacturer and where the solar company sources their panels can be important. This is an aspect of solar panel installation that is commonly overlooked. Tier 1 and high-efficiency solar panels may be mentioned but solar panels that are built from reputable manufacturers will be the ones most likely covered under a warranty, studied for their efficiency, and more. Check-in on the website to learn more about the solar panel company and which systems have the best specifications for optional batteries, wiring, inverters, and more. These are details that would not be published with your installer is using solar cells that are not widely known. 

How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

A solar company that has been in business and operating for many years will be an excellent choice. These are companies that have seen ongoing changes through the industry and they likely have a great track record of installations, maintenance, and repairs. 

Ask About Timeline

A solar panel installation does not have to be a lengthy process. Solar panel installations can often look at a 3-12 month timeline with a backlog of jobs and difficulty sourcing the parts that are needed for your installation. If you are facing timelines beyond the 6-month mark, it may be wise to take a look at a different company. Working with an installer that is behind by more than 9 months to a year could be a sign of someone that has taken on more than they can handle. 

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