Best Solar Companies in Florida

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is a top spot for turning sunlight into electricity. It ranks third in the world for solar energy production, trailing behind California and Texas. Most of Florida’s solar power comes from big solar setups owned by utilities. The best solar companies in Florida can help!

But here’s the thing: because of Florida’s rules against power purchase agreements, only about 1% of solar energy in the state comes from rooftop or residential systems. This leaves a big gap for residential solar installation. The number of solar companies in Florida has shot up to 211.

With so many choices, it can be tough for homeowners to pick an installer or know what to look for.



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Best Solar Companies in Florida

How to Determine Which Solar Installation Company in Florida Is Best for You

There are numerous solar companies in Florida. Choosing the right one for your home depends on various factors, with your location being key.

Consultation and Design

While Florida might lack mountains, the location of your house can still influence its energy usage and the type of weather it experiences. Seek out a company that offers tailored advice specific to your area and assists in selecting the most suitable solar panels for your needs.

Finance and Leases

Florida doesn’t allow power purchasing agreements (PPAs). If you can’t afford to pay upfront for your solar energy system or components, you should choose an installer that will connect you with a lender institution or provide a leasing program that fits your budget.

Brokers vs. Solar Installers

In the state, there are companies that install solar panels and brokers who help you find the right one. Brokers assess your needs and match you with the best installer. Installation companies than do the actual setup. Choose the business model that fits you best. If you’re unsure, talk to both types of businesses to learn more about their advantages.


Solar energy businesses typically offer warranty, but there are often restrictions. Be sure to carefully read the fine print of your installer’s warranty contract to find out about any specific exclusions that may apply to their company.

Compare Multiple Quotes and Proposals

Compare several service providers, their products, and service agreements to find the one that best suits your needs. It is recommended that you obtain at least three quotes, but there are no restrictions. 

Reputable businesses understand that you are looking for the best possible service at an affordable price. Beware of sales tactics that put you under pressure.

The Top Reasons for Hiring Solar Companies in Florida

Consider the following factors when you are deciding on your installation.

Years in Business

While new businesses can be beneficial for the economy and the country, your home renovation might not be the best setting for their first mistakes. Choose a company with enough experience to give you confidence. However, many newer companies are run by individuals or teams with extensive experience. In such cases, the age of the business might matter less than its track record.

Subcontractors and In-House Workers

Your installation company can choose to use subcontractors or its own team for installation, much like deciding between a broker and an installer. When considering solar installation companies, ask about their approach and how they supervise and guarantee the work of third-party installers.

License, Insured, and Certified

You should ask your solar installers to provide proof of their license, insurance, and any other certifications that may be required. Reputable companies will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with any necessary information. When making your request, be wary of any hesitations or avoidance.

Great Reviews

Take a moment to read some of the reviews from customers. A great rating is a good start. You can get an idea of the company by reading a few reviews, both good and bad. Check out ESD Solar’s Google Reviews here!

Additional Services

Florida homes vary in shape and size, each with unique needs. If you’re aiming for simplicity, choose a company that can handle all your requirements, whether it’s installing solar energy or addressing issues like a new roof or repairs.

Solar Incentives in Florida

Florida offers excellent incentives to solar.

Tax Credits

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is a big help for folks wanting to install solar panels at home. It lets consumers cut down on their yearly taxes by up to 30%.

Net Metering

Florida’s net metering program offers credits to customers with solar energy systems. These credits are for sending extra power into the grid. Customers can save money by using these credits when they’re not using their own solar energy. 

Net metering is available to all investor-owned electricity distributors and some municipal power companies in Florida.

Other State-Specific Incentive Programs

In Florida, state incentives include a 100% tax exemption on new solar systems and a property tax exemption that stops property taxes from going up even if your home’s value increases because of a solar installation.

Cost of Solar Panels in Florida

The cost of installing solar panels in Florida is notably cheaper than the national average, ranging from $3 to $5 per watt. Before factoring in tax credits or other incentives, customers can anticipate paying between $2.50 and $3.00 per watt.

Best Solar Companies in Florida

How Much Will Solar Power Increase the Value of Your Home in Florida?

In Florida and many other parts of the United States, installing solar panels can boost the value of your home. Several factors determine how much your home’s value will go up with solar panels.

  1. Energy Savings: Solar panels can lower your electricity bill, which makes your property more attractive to buyers. In sunny states like Florida, solar panels are a smart way to save energy.
  2. Environmental Benefits: Solar panels reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which appeals to buyers who care about the environment.
  3. Solar Incentives: Financial perks like tax credits, rebates, and incentives for solar installation make solar-paneled homes more appealing. For example, in Florida, there’s a sales tax exemption for new solar systems.

Generally, homes with solar panels tend to sell for more. 

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