Is Residential Solar a Good Investment

Is Residential Solar a Good Investment?

Solar power is a versatile source of energy that can be used to reduce your monthly utility costs. With small up-front installation costs, you see huge savings in the future. What does this mean for you? Is residential solar a good investment for 2023?

6 Benefits of Investing in a Residential Solar

Investing in solar is about more than just the bottom line. There are many benefits to installing a residential solar system. In fact, these benefits include monetary savings, environmental impact, and even health benefits!

1. Solar Power Can Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Solar panels use energy from the sun. The solar energy costs less than electricity produced in other ways. Your solar savings will increase as energy costs rise at your utility company. Customers can reduce their energy costs with solar power, or even eliminate them completely.

2. Solar Incentives 

Federal tax credits a certain percentage of your installation cost with no cap may make your system more economical. You can earn additional income streams with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

3. Solar Power Increases Home Value

Homeowners love solar energy as it allows them to worry less about electricity costs. Home appraisers often value a solar energy system at or higher than the cost of its parts and installation. It will not lose value in the same way that a room remodel will. Aside from that, your home’s value will be increased by your residential solar energy system for many years.

4. There Are Many Options for Solar Systems

You have the option to go off-grid or keep your grid connected by selling excess power. Solar panels can be installed on your roof or mounted directly on your ground. Solar power can also be used as a backup power source. ESD Solar will create a customized solution to meet your requirements.

5. Solar Power Is Simple to Install

ESD Solar handles all the details. We will evaluate your site and create a customized plan. Once the plan is approved, we will finance the system, review incentives, and complete all paperwork. We take care of all the details to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

6. Solar Can Be Used to Generate Renewable Energy

It produces no greenhouse gas emissions while generating electricity, producing no air pollution or hazardous waste, and using a renewable resource. There is no need to worry about rising prices for fossil fuels or the negative environmental effects of burning fossil fuels. 

How Much Can I Save With Solar Power?

The incentives are only part of the story. You can also save money throughout the lifetime of your solar system regardless of whether you use any incentives.

You’ll immediately see energy savings when you switch to solar energy. ESD Solar customers see significant reductions in their energy bills as soon as they switch to solar energy. Some see them disappear completely, while others see significant savings. How much space you have to install panels, your energy consumption, and current energy costs will all affect how much you save.

Remember that ESD Solar also offers financing options that can make your solar power system more affordable.

Is Solar Power Worth It?

Only you can make that decision. ESD Solar customers tell us how much their solar systems are appreciated. Read about their experiences or contact ESD Solar today for more information about a custom-designed solar system and our energy-efficient solar panels for your home.

The ESD Solar team can help you estimate how much you could save. A site analysis will be performed to assess your property and determine the amount of solar energy you could produce. An energy analysis will assess your energy use to determine how much you consume.

This information together will allow us to estimate how much savings you could make with solar energy. Contact us now for a FREE estimate!

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