How To Choose A Solar Installer

You have done all of the calculations, and have decided that the initial financial investment for getting a solar power panel system installed is well-worth the future benefits. You are not alone! A lot of people have been making the jump over to using solar power panels since realizing the ability these systems have to lessen your home’s environmental impact, as well as save you money over time. However, deciding that you want solar panels is just the beginning. Now you have to find the right solar panel system installer for the job. One thing about finding a solar panel system installer that can be confusing is the fact that there are companies that sell the equipment needed to install and run a solar panel system, and then there are companies that install these systems for residential use. While there are many installers out there – especially if you live in a state with a vibrant solar power market – it is important that you do the homework to find the installer that will meet your specific requirements, needs and future plans. Struggling with how to choose a solar installer? We have a few tips below!

Look For Reviews And Recommendations 

While installers will have a lot of FAQ and other information on their websites, it is important to look for third-party recommendations or reviews of installers to get a good understanding of if they will meet your needs. If you know someone who has already had solar panels installed, they may be able to help share their research and recommendations with you. But, there are plenty of online resources to help you find all of the information you will need to make an informed decision.

Look at Track Records

What is the track record of the installers you are looking at? When it comes to solar panel installations, experience means a lot – especially if you have some specific requests. A lot of experience in the business will also help with the installers having a good understanding of the laws and policies of the area you live in. This is important because different areas have different rules when it comes to solar power systems. 

Will They do The Work?

It is important that you understand if the installer you are looking into will be the ones actually installing the systems, or if they will hire a subcontractor to do the job. Tied in with this is checking in on the experience of those on the team. While an installation company may have a long track record, the qualifications may not translate if your system is handed over to a team of inexperienced workers. 

What Are Your Finances?

Depending on your financial situation, there are different options you can pursue such as loan, lease or purchasing of a system. The right installer can help work with you to find the right option.

Which System is Worth the Money?

Not every solar panel system is created equal, which is fine because not every situation requires the same systems. A good installer will be able to work with you to not only figure out which system works best for you, but if solar power is worth the investment for your situation. 

The typical solar panel installation process is usually about two days of work. However, there is a lot more to the process than the physical installation of the panels. Depending on the area you live in you will need applications, permits, and surveys just to name a few. There are some installers who will handle the red tape and paper work for you as part of the process. Contact us for more information on how to choose a solar installer!

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