How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas

How long do solar panels last in Texas before they break down? Do they last as long as cars? Do they last 5-10 years? Or do solar panels last decades?

Solar panels can perform for many decades, even if it is difficult to measure their energy output. What you need to understand about solar panels’ longevity and why Texas is the perfect place for renewable energy.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

A regular solar panel usually lasts 25-30 years. It can work well even after 25 years, but might not provide enough energy for a home by then. Solar panels are tough and can endure extreme conditions. Damage usually happens due to bad installation or severe weather accidents.

What is the Solar Panel Degradation rate?

The degradation rate of a solar panel is how much its energy production decreases each year. A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2012 found that, on average, a solar panel’s energy output drops by 0.8 percent every year.

It’s important to know that this study is just a general guide, not an exact measurement. The quality of a solar panel and when it was made can influence how fast it degrades. It wouldn’t be fair to compare the lifespan of new solar panels with those made in the early 90s because technology has gotten better since then.



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How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas


Texas Weather Conditions

Texas is a great place for solar panels because it’s sunny and experiences different weather conditions, from subtropical to very hot. The state faces concerns like hurricanes and droughts. Temperatures can vary from 90 degrees Fahrenheit (in the Rio Grande Valley) to as low as 30 degrees. Solar panels work well in Texas due to its sunny and hot climate.

Benefits of Solar Power in Texas 

Renewable energy sources like solar power offer various benefits. When you install solar panels at home, your monthly bills go down, and you decrease your carbon footprint while reducing reliance on the grid. Solar panels also let you keep a stable energy rate throughout the system’s life. This is why many Texans are choosing solar energy.

Money Savings

In Texas, households pay about $132.59 per month for 1,132 kWh of electricity. If you eliminate your electricity bill, you can save over $1500 a year. It’s important to note that most people don’t completely eliminate their bills. However, the bill is still reduced by half because solar panels don’t work at night or on cloudy days. These monthly savings add up to approximately $21,350 over the system’s lifetime.

Taxes & Financial Incentives

In Texas, residents can benefit from various incentives, with the biggest one being the federal investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC, also known as the federal solar tax credit, gives homeowners a 30% credit on installation costs. For solar panel systems installed in 2023, the incentive is 23%. On average, the ITC in Texas is $9,211. This reduces the typical installation cost from $30,935 to $21,654. While Texas doesn’t have a state-wide tax incentive, many utilities offer rebates and buyback programs for solar installations.

Net Metering

You might have heard of net metering, a concept that lets you produce energy and sell extra electricity back to the grid. While Texas doesn’t have a state-wide net metering plan, some power companies offer it. Energy Texas customers with solar panels can join SunJacinto Solar Purchase, where they get paid for the power their solar system generates.

Protection from Outages

Solar panels can keep your power on during grid failures, but they generate electricity only when there’s sunlight. To ensure power during low-sun periods, you’ll need an extra battery backup system.


How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas


Final Thoughts: How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas?

Renewable energy is becoming more important in Texas. Solar panels are a reliable solution for both commercial and residential properties, especially during extended blackouts caused by storms or high-energy months.

It’s challenging to determine the exact lifespan of solar panels in Texas, even though some are 30 years old. Renewable energy technologies keep improving, so their average lifetime should increase every year.

If you’re looking for solar panel installers, ESD Solar is the top choice in Houston. We’re proud to be one of the leading solar companies in Texas and would be happy to help you switch to solar! Contact us today for a free estimate on solar energy.

Texas Solar FAQs

Can solar panels survive extreme weather?

Solar panels are made from durable, waterproof, and heat/cold-resistant materials. They are designed to withstand sun exposure. Lightning can cause damage, but surge protection helps. Check with your homeowner’s insurance for coverage.

Can you save money by going solar?

Yes, solar panels can save money if you finance or buy them. It takes around 13 years to pay off, saving about $21,350 over 12+ years. Savings are lower with solar loans and not possible with leases or power purchase agreements.

Does solar improve home value?

Data from Zillow shows solar panels can increase property value by 4%, nearly $12,000 in Texas (where home value is around $290,000). The increase is higher in cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. Homeowners can get exemptions based on their solar system’s value.

Can I install solar panels in Texas?

It’s not safe to install solar panels yourself due to the electrical risks. Permits are required in Texas, and most installation companies handle the process.

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