Solar Panel Installation Dayton Oh

Guide to Solar Panel Installation in Dayton Oh

Are you interested in going solar but don’t know how to put up solar panels? This article will show you that it takes more than just ordering solar panels online and watching some YouTube videos about how to put them in place. We will walk you through the steps in solar panel installation in Dayton Oh. 

5 Steps for Solar Panel Installation in Dayton Ohio

Installing a home solar energy system can help you reduce dependence on traditional utility companies and offset the majority or all of your monthly energy costs. It is a tangible way to reduce your carbon footprint and create cleaner communities.

There are some essential steps to ensure a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective renewable energy system. Here are the basics of solar panel installation in Dayton Oh.

1. Conduct a Site Survey With an Engineer

After you have chosen the best solar company to install your solar panels, the solar company will send an electrician to your house to assess your electrical system and ensure it is compatible with the design of your solar panel system.

Solar energy systems will only work as well as they are designed. This is why it is important to hire a reliable solar engineer. Are you still looking for an installer? ESD Solar is your best choice!

2. Get the Right Permits

There are a few steps you need to take before installing solar panels. You will need all necessary permits and documentation in order to make sure your solar panel installation in Dayton Oh meets all local safety regulations.

To ensure that the process is moving smoothly, it’s a good idea to keep in touch with your solar contractors and receive updates every few days. The squeaky wheels get the grease, but solar companies are often busy with business.

3. Buy the Right Solar Equipment

After you have completed all paperwork and permits, your Dayton solar installer can order your equipment. You will have already selected the best and most efficient solar panels for your home and inverters and batteries.

These decisions are usually made in a proposal for solar, which is sent to you well before you sign your contract. You’ll need to research the operation of solar panels as well as the various options.

4. Install Your Solar Panels

The big day finally arrives. The solar installer will arrive and prepare your roof. This includes ensuring that all tiles and shingles have been securely attached. Next, the installer will install the wiring necessary to connect your residential solar panel to the electrical grid.

Your installer will then place the racking to hold the panels in place after the wires have been placed. The inverter of several microinverters is connected to the panels.

5. Get Your Solar System Approved and Connected

Your solar installer will “flip the switch” and turn the system on once it is installed. You will need permission to operate (PTO) from your local government to approve and assess your residential solar system.

This is a safety precaution that ensures there are fresh eyes to verify the wiring and electrical work. To interconnect the system to the electric grid, you will need to have a representative of your local utility company.

Planning to Install Solar Panels in Dayton Ohio?

These are the basic steps for installing solar panels. These are only guidelines. Specific steps may vary from one home to another and from one installer to the next. 

If you are interested in solar panels, ESD Solar is a Dayton Ohio solar panel contractor who makes the entire process easy and stress-free. We are professionals who will install the panels on schedule, work with your homeowner’s association, provide financing when needed, and have a certified installation expert to manage the entire project. Contact us today for a free quote!

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