Do I Need to Reset Solar After Power Outage

Do I need to reset solar after a power outage? You put up solar panels on your roof and now you’re making a lot of electricity. You’re feeling great because you’re almost done with those power bills and you’re helping the environment. But then, one windy night, a big tree falls on your street, and bam! You lose power. Will your fridge still be working when the sun comes up? Probably not.

When the power goes out, if you don’t have a backup plan, you’re out of luck too. The rules say solar systems have to shut down fast to keep emergency workers safe and stop dangerous currents from messing up the power lines.

But don’t worry, there’s a way to keep the lights on even in a blackout. You can use something called a Solar Inverter. It takes your home off the grid, keeping the power flowing. And if you need power for a long time, you can use a generator or batteries. By creating your little power island, you can keep important stuff running when the power’s out.


Why Don’t Solar Panels Work in a Blackout?

Most homeowners with solar panels use what’s called a “grid-tied” system. Here’s how it works: the panels connect to something called an inverter. This inverter links up with your main AC panel and a smart electric meter. This meter keeps track of the energy you get from the utility company and the energy your solar panels send back to the grid. With this setup, you don’t need any backup batteries.

If you manage this balance just right, you could end up with a power bill close to zero. But it’s a delicate dance.

In case of a blackout, a typical grid-tied system will automatically switch off. Meaning you don’t have to reset your solar panels after a power outage. This is important because it stops extra energy from going through damaged power lines, which could be dangerous for workers fixing them. However, this also means your home won’t get solar power during a blackout. Unless you have a way to store that energy, like with a storage battery, or you disconnect your system from the grid.

So, if you’re wondering how to use solar power during a blackout, Will White has some tips.



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How Can You Use Solar Power to Survive a Power Outage?

There are several ways you can keep your home running even if the power is out.

  1. Gas generators are a great backup.
  2. Solar batteries are a great addition to any system. With batteries, you may not need to reset your solar panel after a power outage.
  3. Solar-powered generators are a great alternative to conventional generators
  4. Replace your inverter with a Sunny Boy Ensemble or Enphase Ensemble System

1. Backup Gas Generator

While solar enthusiasts typically prefer clean energy over burning stuff, sometimes you need a backup plan. And that’s where generators come in handy.

For around $1,400, plus the cost of fuel and setting up an external plug, you can get a gas-powered generator. This generator can keep most of your house running while utility workers fix the grid.

Having a generator means you can weather a long blackout. Plus, if your neighbor needs a hand, you can help them out too. Just keep in mind, that until the grid’s back up and running, you’ll be relying on your generator, not your solar panels, for power.

2. Solar Battery

In case of a power outage, having a battery system is your best bet for peace of mind. With batteries you may not need to reset your solar after a power outage.

It’s a great feeling when your home is the only one with lights on after the grid goes down. But let’s face it, it’d be even better if all your neighbors could enjoy the same luxury. With a solar battery, switching from grid power to battery backup is smooth and reliable.

There are lots of options out there, from big names like the Tesla Powerwall to more traditional lead-acid deep-cycle batteries. Solar installers know their stuff when it comes to setting up batteries with solar systems. You might be surprised at the range of choices available.

You can easily find certified installers for Tesla products, but there are plenty of other batteries out there that match up in terms of both price and functionality.

Using solar without batteries isn’t as efficient. Sure, a grid-tied system will keep your lights on, but a solar setup with batteries goes a step further. It creates what’s called a “solar island” by disconnecting from the grid during an outage. Your solar panels charge the batteries during the day, and then the batteries power your home at night or during a blackout. With enough battery capacity, you could keep going like this for quite a while.

3. Solar Generator

You can pick up “solar-generators” for just a few hundred bucks. They’ll keep your food cold and even run a space heater if you need it.

Here’s the thing to remember: you can charge these portable systems with or without solar cells as long as the grid is still up. But if the grid goes down, they won’t be able to charge up from solar without some special gear.

4. A Special Inverter or Inverter System

Solar-powered homeowners have the option to use their energy without relying on the grid or needing an energy storage system. Companies like SMA and Enphase offer special solar inverters. These inverters are designed to automatically disconnect your home from the grid when there’s an outage. Even during this time, they can still provide electricity directly from your solar panels.

Do I Need to Reset Solar After Power Outage


How Reliable Are Solar Panels?

According to a study conducted by NREL, solar panels are reliable and have a long lifespan. 

Researchers examined 54,500 solar panels installed between 2000 and 2015. They discovered that only 5 panels out of every 10,000 failed each year.

That means solar panels have a failure rate of just 0.05%. And you can bet that today’s panels are even more reliable because manufacturing has improved over time.

Because solar panels are so dependable, manufacturers often offer warranties for 25 or 30 years on power output. So, it’s highly unlikely that your solar system will have any issues. But if it does, don’t worry. The warranty will cover you, and the panel will be replaced at no cost to you.


Will Solar Power Be a Reliable Source of Energy for My Home?

Solar panels are not very efficient at night, and they produce less power depending on the time of year. There are two simple ways to get around this problem:

  • Net metering: Net metering is a law that requires utilities to compensate solar energy exporters. You will usually be credited the same amount you pay for power on a per kilowatt-hour basis.
  • Batteries: Your panels will charge batteries all day long and they will provide power to your home at night.

Most homeowners choose not to install batteries along with their solar system. Net metering is the best way to get the most out of your solar system without having to invest in expensive batteries.

Net metering offers a huge incentive. You get the benefits of grid connectivity 24/7 while also being able to sell excess solar production during daylight hours, which can cancel most or all of your electricity bill.


Why Not Go Off-Grid?

Off-grid living sounds appealing to those wanting to ditch fossil fuels and rely solely on clean electricity. While it’s a viable option, it can come with a hefty price tag.

Even though solar technology is more affordable than ever, going off-grid can still be a major financial commitment. Choosing an off-grid system could mean shelling out thousands more. For instance, a small system with battery storage can cost a lot extra compared to a grid-tied setup because of the pricey equipment needed to make it work.

Off-grid batteries need to be powerful enough to provide electricity for up to three days of cloudy and snowy weather in the coldest part of winter, no matter where you live. In the summer, you might not need as much power. But if you’re in a tight spot, you might have to rely on a fossil fuel generator, undoing all your efforts to go green.


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