It’s likely that you’ve read plenty of advice on how to save money on your electricity bills. Switching over the energy safe appliances, changing your light bulbs, and turning your lights off more often to make sure that you can save money on almost every electricity bill that you receive from a utility provider. There are some much more powerful ways that you can save on energy and perhaps even get the utility company to pay you for the energy that you generate. Making money from your electricity company instead of receiving a monthly bill is possible and it starts with solar energy. If you’re thinking about installing solar energy throughout your property, keep in mind that solar panels could continually earn you money while helping you save on energy for your home. In This article we answer the question ‘can I sell my electricity back to the grid?’.

Check With Your Utility Company

These 40 states worldwide offer some type of net metering solution and if you live in one of these states you can qualify for a program word the power your solar energy system generates will go towards credits for your home. The rates and rules for selling electricity back to the grid will vary depending on your state and by the utility company. There are some utility companies that make this process easier than other companies and there are also caps in place to determine which households will qualify for net metering.

There has been a push in many areas to decrease the number of credits that solar system owners degenerate. I sell power back to the grid. As people are able to generate their own electricity, the utility company should have to pay the privilege to use the grid. Net metering is in place currently, but it’s important to check on the current ideas on net metering in your state and whether or not your utility company will offer the benefits. 

Tax Benefits

As well as net metering you can also decrease the overall cost of owning and installing your solar panels through the use of tax incentives. Many states offer ongoing tax incentives that can make installing a solar system much more attractive. You can claim federal tax credits or even a state-level tax credit for a double saving.

Energy Audits

Before you start selling energy back to the grid, it can be important for you to consider an energy audit for your home. Your solar system will need to be able to generate enough to cover your needs and then continually generate extra power that you can sell back to the grid. An energy audit will determine the amount of power that your home needs for each month and you can explore this by looking back on some of your past energy bills. Make sure that the system that’s being installed will be able to generate power well in excess of your average energy bill and then consider switching over inefficient items in your home such as old appliances, older lighting, and more to work at improving your power generation. You can also make sure that you are installing your solar system with the help of a qualified team. Making sure that your solar energy system is being configured by a group of experts can ensure that you are able to generate the maximum amount of power from the system. 

By making your home more efficient, qualifying for appropriate tax credits, and making sure that you are monitoring your energy use, you can make sure that your solar energy credits and savings are maximized. Contact us today to get started.

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