Can I Install My Own Solar Panels in Florida

Solar panels offer a smart choice for homeowners looking to cut down on energy expenses and boost their home’s value. But, can I install my own solar panels in Florida? While it might be tempting to set up solar panels on your own to save some cash, it’s crucial to recognize the complexities involved. Installing solar panels by yourself isn’t a good idea.

Hiring professional solar installers comes with advantages. They bring technical know-how and understand local rules, making it easier to get the needed permits. Plus, you could miss out on tax breaks and incentives if your solar panels aren’t installed by professionals. So, it’s wise to let the experts handle it.


Do I Have to Hire a Professional to Install My PV System? A Checklist for DIYers

To figure out if you should do the solar installation yourself or hire a professional, you can use the litmus test. This test considers the rules set by your local building authority, which could be your city, county, or township. Your utility provider might also insist on licensed professionals doing the job. 

It’s also important to check with the zoning department or historical district standards to make sure your project won’t be rejected.

  • Local building authorities and utility providers might allow amateur installation.
  • The requirements for amateur installation are reasonable, and some authorities may ask for basic knowledge tests about electrical systems and household appliances.
  • Comfort with working on the roof for several hours is necessary, and if you have a ground-mount system, you can avoid this. You should also know how to use effective fall-restraining equipment.
  • Living in a historical district is okay if your zoning authority allows PV systems with acceptable restrictions.
  • Homeowners associations may allow PV systems with some restrictions, but you might need to persuade them.
  • If you have a standard roofing type like asphalt shingles or standing seam metal, PV installation is fine. Consult a professional roofing contractor for slates, concrete tiles, clay tiles, or fragile/special roofing, although it’s not a deal breaker.



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Can I Install My Own Solar Panels in Florida


DIY Solar Panel Costs

According to a study in June 2023, almost half of the cost of a fully installed solar system goes towards things like overhead for installers, finding customers, and paying for labor. The least costly part is the labor itself.

Putting up solar panels on your own can cut your expenses by up to 50% compared to hiring a big solar company. This is possible if you can get panels and other parts at prices similar to the discounts that most installers get. 

You might also think about buying used panels and equipment. Panels are usually reliable and can last for many decades. While used inverters and charge controllers are less exciting, it’s not a bad idea to consider them. However, it’s best to avoid used batteries unless they’ve been gently used.

But spending more on a professional installation is not a waste of money. It brings peace of mind, knowing that an experienced installer is handling the job. This installer has done similar work before and usually offers warranties that last for years, both from the installer and the equipment manufacturer. Installing equipment yourself might even cancel some warranties. Some insurance policies might require a professional installation too.


Find the Best Solar Panels

Solar panels are sold in various places, like local installers, stores, online shops, and even Amazon. You might find even better deals and programs at less usual spots, like local utilities or nonprofits, especially ones helping disadvantaged communities.

These panels stick around for a long time, and you can use them for years after buying. You can get used solar panels online or by calling solar wholesalers and retailers. Some panels were taken from a utility array after just a few years, so they still have many years left. I got mine for 30 cents per Watt, which is 60 percent less than new ones.

When buying, ask the seller to test the panels in front of you and check for the manufacturing date stamped on the module.


Get the Necessary Paperwork

The wiring and installation part can get pretty tricky, depending on where you are. Rules about buildings, codes, and other stuff can be very different from one state, city, or neighborhood to another, especially if there’s a homeowners association.

If you’re linking your system with the grid, you’ll need permission from your local utility. This part is one of the toughest and riskiest in solar installation. Even after setting up my off-grid solar system, I wouldn’t tackle this on my own. There are lots of good reasons to hire a professional solar installer.

If, after thinking it over, you still want to give it a try by yourself, talk to someone who’s done it before to know what to expect. And don’t forget to reach out to local government offices for some help.


Post-installation Maintenance

A solar system doesn’t need much looking after. The only things you might need to handle are snow or dust on the solar panels. You can take care of these yourself, but if the panels are hard to reach, it’s okay to call in someone for help.

If something goes wrong, it’s simple to replace an inverter, charge controller, or battery. Just turn off the system and follow the steps you used during installation.

But if the issue seems tricky, it’s better to hire a certified electrician.


Do I Need to Install Solar Panels Myself or Should I Hire Someone?

Choosing solar panels is a good move for homeowners concerned about their carbon footprint budget, or both. Putting up DIY solar panels can cut both your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills. Answer these questions to decide if you want to take on the project yourself.

First, figure out the type of system you need. Will it connect to the grid or not? Does it include EVs or batteries? Make sure you’re comfortable installing these parts.

If you’re still keen on doing it yourself, check local rules, building codes, and other requirements. List all the things you need to do to get your system installed, approved, inspected, and permitted. Can you handle the job alone?

Most folks usually start looking for local pros to handle the installation. But if you’re one of the few DIYers still feeling up to the challenge, go for it! Remember, safety first, and good luck!


Can I Install My Own Solar Panels in Florida


The Pros and Cons of DIY Solar Panel

Here is a quick overview of the benefits and disadvantages of installing your solar panels.


  • Installer overhead and labor costs are not included.
  • You can design your system.
  • Repairs are easier when you know your system well.


  • Professional installers won’t be able to assist with permits, utility permissions, or technical installation.
  • Installations done by the customer may invalidate warranties and exclude insurance.
  • Poor installation is a fire and electrocution hazard.


DIY Solar Panels FAQs

Can You Install Solar Panels Yourself?

It is possible to install solar panels yourself. However, you will need a good understanding of electrical systems. Certain warranties, insurance policies, and local laws may require that you hire a professional to install your solar system.

How Much Cheaper Is It to Build Solar Panels Yourself?

No, in most cases. The cost of mass-produced conventional panels has dropped dramatically, particularly when you factor in the time and materials required to make your modules.

Is Installing Solar Panels by Yourself Dangerous?

Installing solar panels by yourself can pose significant risks. While it’s technically possible, it’s important to understand the potential dangers involved in doing so.


The Bottom Line – Can I Install My Own Solar Panels in Florida?

You can install solar panels on your own in Florida, but it’s risky. Making sure your solar system is safe and works well is really important. That’s where pros like ESD Solar come in. They’re certified and know what they’re doing, making sure your solar setup is safe and efficient.

ESD Solar is trusted and has the skills to handle your solar installation carefully. Choosing them means less risk and a solar system that works great. Make the smart choice for your solar journey and trust pros like ESD Solar for reliable and sustainable energy solutions at your home. Get a FREE estimate now!

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