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Solar panels – Photovoltaic solar panels integrated into the frame or not?

There are two ways to install photovoltaic solar panels: building integration (IAB) or simplified building integration (ISB). In the first case, the panels are placed directly on the frame of the building and integrated into the plane of inclination of the roof. This system has the advantage of ensuring the complete waterproofness of the roof. It is particularly suitable for small areas. In the case of the ISB, the photovoltaic installation must be parallel to the tilt plane of the roof and replace elements of it. If your panels are not installed according to one of these techniques but placed in superimposition, you can not benefit from integration rates.

What is the ideal slope and inclination for photovoltaic panels?

To maximize the performance of a photovoltaic solar panel, it must be oriented to the south, or to the south-east or south-west, in order to benefit from maximum sunshine during the day. However, these optimal conditions are not always met, and installing solar panels in Tampa may be compromised.

We use our energy savings simulator to determine if this type of installation is one of the preferred solutions in your particular case.

Note that the roof must also be ideally inclined 30 to 40 ° from the horizontal and not be shaded by vegetation or neighboring buildings to capture as much light as possible.

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The installation of photovoltaic panels is too complex to be carried out by individuals who do not have the necessary electrical knowledge or coverage skills. In addition, if you want help to finance your project, we will be able to help to provide easy financing solutions.

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