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Solar power has become an increasingly popular way to generate electricity for homes and businesses. The demand for solar panels has grown rapidly over the years, and it’s not surprising why. Solar panels are a sustainable and eco-friendly source of energy, and they can save you money on your energy bills in the long run. If you’re looking for the best solar panels in Tampa FL,  including solar panel installation Tampa, FL then ESD Solar is one of the leading solar power companies in Tampa you may want to consider. In this article, we will discuss why ESD Solar is the best choice for your solar panel needs. 

Why Choose Solar Panels in Tampa 

Tampa is one of the sunniest cities in the United States, and this makes it an ideal location for solar panels. The city’s location allows for more sunlight hours per day, which translates to more energy production. By installing solar panels in Tampa, FL, you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels are a sustainable and eco-friendly source of energy that can help you contribute to a cleaner environment. including solar panel installation Tampa.

What to Consider When Choosing a Solar Installation Company in Tampa

When deciding which of the 580 Tampa Solar Installation companies is right for you, there are many factors to consider. You can determine the number of panels needed by calculating the square footage of your home, which in this case is 1,686 square feet, the median size for the Tampa metro region.

Other factors to consider when choosing solar companies in Tampa:

The Size of the System That You Need

You’ll want to know the size of your solar system or how many solar panels you require for your home before you start looking into solar. Before consulting a Tampa solar company, it’s important to have these details ready:

  • What is the energy consumption of your household?
  • What is the size of your roof?
  • How many sun hours does your home get?
  • The type of solar panel that you want to install

Tell your solar providers in Tampa FL the number of people in your home. Installers may use the three-person average Tampa household as a benchmark to determine how much solar power you require.

Solar Warranties

Most solar companies in Tampa provide different warranties for their products and services, but there are common themes among the leading companies. Typically, these companies offer a 25-year warranty on solar panel performance and defects from the factory. However, warranty terms for other components, such as batteries and charge controllers, can vary depending on the specific item and manufacturer.

Additionally, some solar power companies in Tampa may provide extra insurance and protection to cover situations like property damage during the installation process. This is because installing solar systems often involves modifying existing structures to accommodate the technology and wiring. Standard workmanship warranties are usually included, although the coverage period can differ.

If you choose to lease a solar system, most companies will handle any issues that arise throughout the entire contract period. They are also typically responsible for the maintenance of the solar system.

Solar Warranties Types

  • Manufacturer’s Equipment Warranties (Product Guarantees): Also known as a product guarantee, the manufacturer’s equipment warranties protect high-quality, Tampa solar panels for up to 25 years. These warranties cover manufacturing defects and failures.
  • Power Guarantee (Performance Warranty): The manufacturer guarantees that the solar panels will maintain a certain percentage of their original output. Performance warranties typically last between 10 and 25 years and offer percentages around 90% after 10 years and 80% after 25 years.
  • Workmanship Warranties: The workmanship warranty covers any damage caused to your solar system during installation or as a result of the installation process. The coverage period for workmanship warranties can range from two years to fifteen years.

Solar Panel Types

When selecting an installer, it’s important to consider which type of Tampa FL solar panels best suits your lifestyle. There are three main types of solar panels commonly used for residential purposes: thin-film, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline. Solar tiles, a newer option, are less cost-effective, while solar roofing shingles offer a sleek finish.

Monocrystalline panels: These panels are the most widely installed and have the highest efficiency ratings, typically at 20% or higher. They also come with warranties that typically last 25 years. Monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive upfront due to higher production costs.

Polycrystalline panels: These panels are typically cheaper to manufacture compared to monocrystalline panels, resulting in lower efficiency. Each panel can produce around 250 watts, as opposed to 300 watts or more with monocrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels are similar to the popular versions and can have a similar lifespan, depending on the brand.

Thin-film solar panels: Thin-film panels are the most cost-effective option and are lighter in weight. However, they generally have lower overall effectiveness compared to other types of panels.

Solar shingles: If you have a larger budget, solar shingles are a good option. While they are less efficient than monocrystalline panels (with an efficiency range of 14% to 18%), they offer a more attractive appearance.

Consider these factors to determine which type of solar panel aligns with your preferences and budget when looking for solar companies in Tampa.

Solar Panel Costs

When it comes to the cost of solar panels, there are variations depending on the type of panel you choose. Monocrystalline solar panels, which are made of single crystal structures, tend to be more expensive compared to other options. On average, monocrystalline panels cost between $1 and $1.50 per watt.

On the other hand, thin-film solar panels are generally more affordable. These panels are made by depositing a thin layer of photovoltaic material onto a substrate, and they typically cost between $0.43 and $0.50 per watt. This lower cost is due to the manufacturing process and the materials used.

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Finding the Best Tampa Solar Installers

Make sure to communicate to each company you’re considering hiring about your family’s specific needs for Tampa FL solar panels, such as a preferred price range within a reasonable budget or a desired amount of daily wattage. These tips will help you in selecting the best solar power companies in Tampa.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Shop around and gather quotes from multiple companies to find the best price for your solar panels. Forbes Home suggests obtaining at least four or five quotes, which will give you a good understanding of the price range in your area. It’s important to choose a company that is both legitimate and affordable. Avoid offers that seem too good to be true to steer clear of scams.

Reviews and Recommendations

You can learn a lot about a solar company in Tampa FL by researching it and reading reviews and ratings on platforms like Facebook and Google. This can be highly beneficial when selecting the right solar installer for your needs. If there aren’t many reviews available online, you can contact the company directly and ask for testimonials.

Choose an Established and Reputable Solar Company

Not all solar companies in Tampa are the same. Some are relatively new to the alternative energy sector, while others have a long history. While new installation companies may have their own merits, it’s worth noting that older businesses often have more online reviews and ratings.

Furthermore, apart from their established reputation, more established solar companies may have the ability to operate in a wider range of areas across the country.

Tampa Solar Incentives

Installing solar panels in your home can significantly enhance its environmental friendliness and potentially entitle you to a federal income tax credit. To qualify for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), your solar system must be brand new or installed for the first time between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2023. However, if Congress does not renew the ITC, it will expire at the end of 2024.

The initial costs of solar panel installation in Tampa FL can be justified by taking advantage of incentive programs. For instance, homeowners who install solar panels between 2022 and 2023 may be eligible for a credit of up to 30% of the total cost. Many states also offer similar incentives. In New York, for example, where electricity bills are among the highest in the nation, homeowners may qualify for federal rebates, including tax deductions, sales tax exemptions, and dollar-per-watt rebates of up to $5,000.

Installing solar panels not only contributes to a greener environment but can also provide financial benefits through various incentive programs and tax credits. 

Solar Panel Costs in Tampa

To calculate the average cost of a solar panel system in Florida, we’ll consider different system sizes (6kW, 8kW, 10kW, and 12kW) and include federal tax credits.

First, let’s determine the average monthly kWh consumption using Tampa’s average kWh. Please provide me with Tampa’s average monthly kWh consumption, and I’ll continue with the calculation.





6 kW

8,000 – 10,000



8 kW

10,500 – 13,300



10 kW

13,200 – 16,700



12 kW

16,000 – 20,000



What Can You Save by Going Solar in Tampa?

Solar energy offers significant savings, especially for residents in Tampa. By installing solar panels, you can calculate your potential savings based on the average grid electricity cost per kilowatt-hour, which is $0.16, and the average monthly household consumption of 1,096 kWh.

If your household can rely exclusively on solar energy, you could save an average of $1,783 per year. This estimate assumes the installation of a 6kW solar system, with the system paid off over a period of 25 years. It’s important to note that this calculation does not include any state-specific incentive programs that may be available in your region.

Furthermore, opting for solar energy is a wise choice as utility rates tend to rise by an average of 2.2% per year. By harnessing solar power, you can protect yourself from future rate increases and potentially save even more over the long term.

Solar Panels in Tampa: Are they Worth it?

Solar panels may have a high initial cost but can lead to long-term savings. To determine the value of solar panels in Tampa, you can compare the city’s average of 321 sunny days per year with the potential annual savings of $1,783. Additionally, it is worth considering the number of solar panel installation in Tampa, which currently stands at 981, and the potential financial benefits associated with them.

Why ESD Solar is the Best Solar Panel Company in Tampa

ESD Solar is a reputable and experienced Tampa solar panel company that provides high-quality solar panels. Here are some reasons why ESD Solar is the best choice for your solar panel needs.

Quality Solar Panels

ESD Solar offers high-quality solar panels that are designed to last for years. The company uses only the best materials and the latest technology to manufacture its solar panels. The solar panels come with a warranty that covers any defects or damages, so you can be sure that you’re making a sound investment.

Professional Solar Installation

ESD Solar has a team of professional solar installers who are experienced and trained to install solar panels. The installers are knowledgeable about the installation process and can answer any questions you may have. As one of the best solar power companies in Tampa, we ensure that the solar panels are installed correctly and safely. You can be sure that your solar panels will be installed correctly when you choose ESD Solar.

Competitive Pricing

ESD Solar offers competitive pricing for their solar panels in Tampa FL. The company provides a detailed estimate of the cost of the solar panels, including the installation fees. The estimate is transparent and includes all the costs involved, so you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees.

Excellent Customer Service

ESD Solar provides excellent customer service. The company is responsive to inquiries and concerns, and their customer service team is knowledgeable and helpful. They provide support throughout the installation process and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in Tampa FL comes with numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits of installing solar panels in your home or business.

Lower Energy Bills

One of the most significant benefits of installing solar panels is that they can help you save money on your energy bills. Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, which means that you’ll be relying less on the grid. This translates to lower energy bills over time.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels are an eco-friendly source of energy. They don’t produce any harmful emissions and don’t contribute to air pollution. By installing solar panels, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Increased Property Value

Installing solar panels can increase the value of your property. Homes and businesses that have solar panels installed are more attractive to buyers, and they’re likely to sell at a higher price. This means that investing in solar panels is not only beneficial in the short term but also in the long run.

Solar Panel Features

The Tampa, FL, solar panels distributed by ESD Solar are the best solar panels available in Tampa. Our Tampa solar panels are not only lightweight, flexible, and unbreakable but are also waterproof and wind-resistant. Our panels are designed to work in all forms of weather and even in cases of extreme conditions!

ESD Solar focuses on both residential and commercial solar panels! Many commercial businesses have flat roof systems, these are the perfect opportunity for solar panels! A flat roof allows a solar panel to collect the most sun possible, producing optimal energy results. ESD is also extremely qualified in installing residential solar panel systems; we have years of experience handling panels in the Tampa Bay area!

Our Tampa Solar Services

ESD Solar offers a full-service solar installation process; we source the correct solar panel solution for your situation and handle delivery and installation! Then the energy-saving methods are drafted, which is then followed by the customized design of a photovoltaic system to decrease the house owner’s electrical bill. The design once completed is shared with the customer and after their approval, the permitting and installation take place!

Energy Solution Direct (ESD) has gained popularity because of their exceptional work and the outstanding performance of their solar panels. “

Solar panels are often described as “the best investment of their life” by customers who were able to get rid of the hefty electrical bills. Customers are not only able to save energy but also find solar panels to be easy to maintain. The low maintenance of solar panels is due to the latest technology being used at ESD. Learn more about solar technology here!

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Solar panel technology helps hundreds of people across Florida save money and generate their own clean energy on a daily basis! While a single residence going green with solar will not fix the Earth’s problems overnight, it does help build a positive trend; the more people that adopt solar will only help magnify this change! ESD is the premier choice for Tampa Bay solar panels and is here to assist you in your solar journey. Contact us today for a free estimate on your solar panel installation in Tampa FL!

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Tampa Solar FAQs

If you find that your home is producing more electricity than you need, there are a few factors that could be at play. It could be due to lower electricity consumption, having an oversized solar panel system, or receiving an abundance of direct sunlight. In such a scenario, you may have the option to sell the excess energy back to the grid, which could earn you a credit with your local energy provider.

Yes, solar panels can increase your property taxes because they add value to your house. However, there are potential offsets in the form of tax credits or deductions that you may be eligible for.

On average, it takes around six to ten years for solar panels to pay for themselves, considering the energy savings they provide.

You can calculate the daily power output of a solar panel using the following formula:

Watt-hours = Power in watts multiplied by the average number of hours per day of direct sunlight

For example, if you have a 300W solar panel that receives six hours of sunlight per day, you can multiply 300Wh by 6 to get 1800Wh, which is equivalent to 1.8kWh.

The number of solar panels required to power an entire house can vary depending on factors such as energy consumption habits, solar exposure, geographical location, and panel efficiency. On average, an American household needs 20 to 25 panels to meet its electricity requirements. However, it is recommended to conduct a home audit and consult with an energy professional to determine the exact number of panels and energy storage capacity needed for your specific situation.

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