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Benefits of Using Solar Energy in Texas

Solar energy is one of the best alternative energies that you can use. You should really consider using solar energy in Texas if you haven’t already. There are quite a few advantages that you will be able to enjoy when you decide to go with solar energy to keep your home running.

The US is making significant progress towards going solar. In 2023, it is expected that around 4 million photovoltaic cells will be installed. Texas will also join the ranks of the leading states in terms of installed PV units. 

Texas, with its sunny climate and best tax incentives, is theoretically a great place to install solar panels. There are many things you should consider before going solar in Texas. We’ll be discussing everything in this article. Keep reading!

How Texas’ Climate Affects Solar Energy Harnessing Opportunities

Texas’ vast size makes it a diverse state. It has subtropical weather in its southeast and tropical weather along the coast. The climate in Central Texas is temperate, while the climate in the mountains to the west has an alpine climate.

Data shows that Dallas gets around 2,850 hours of sunlight per year. The amount of sunshine Texas gets can change from one year to the next, especially during hurricanes.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Texas?

We’ll start off on a positive note by highlighting the many benefits of solar panels in Texas.

1. Renewable Energy

Solar energy is infinite and clean, unlike fossil fuels which have finite resources and emit harmful emissions. Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. This can be used to power cars, homes, and other facilities. Solar energy can also be used to heat or steam water.

2. Save Money

Although the initial cost for solar panels in Texas and elsewhere may seem higher than other energy sources, long-term savings are a good investment. You will generate and use your electricity while paying less for electric bills.

Your home may have a solar energy system but your electric bill is still high. This could indicate that the system is not working properly.

3. Protect Your Home from Outages

Because solar panels are not connected to the traditional power grid, they will still produce electricity even if the power goes off. It’s that simple.

4. Net Metering

In Texas, net metering is one of the most effective solar incentives. Net metering is a billing arrangement between electricity providers and utility customers. This allows customers who produce electricity from renewable sources in Texas to get a credit on their electric bill. This credit can be used by consumers to offset future electricity consumption.

5. Federal Tax Incentive

The federal solar tax credit (Investment Tax Credit, or ITC) for 2022 allows homeowners to claim a credit equal to 26% of the cost of installing solar panels by the end of the year. You can expect a 23% incentive if you plan to install a solar panel system by 2023. Both new and existing houses can take advantage of the credit.

6. Texas Solar Panel Rebates

Texas does not yet have any statewide solar rebates or credits. Many local governments offer incentives for solar energy systems, both residential and commercial. These are some examples of tax credit options for solar energy systems that you could take advantage of in 2022.

7. Exemptions from Property Tax

The Lone Star State offers homeowners who have solar panels installed on their properties a tax exemption equaling the value of the system. The exemption covers both the cost of installation and the actual value of solar panels in residential and commercial properties. This exemption applies to both retrofit and new construction.

Switch to Solar Energy in Texas Today

In addition to being truly clean, solar power is also cheap. While the initial investment might seem like a lot, it is actually competitive with other forms of energy. A good solar panel or installation can be paid off in six to eight years, after which you are free to save hundreds or even thousands on your electric bill every year. 

ESD Solar, as one of the leading solar power companies in Texas, has served thousands of customers for many years. We have built our reputation on quality service and workmanship and provide free solar panel installation estimates to our potential customers. To learn more about us and to explore your own solar panel installation options, contact us today.

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