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Are you interested in learning about the benefits of Tampa Bay solar energy? Tampa Bay is a world-class environmental city, and the energy that comes from the sun will benefit all of us greatly. Not only are Tampa homes perfect for solar panels, but they also offer some of the best natural sources of energy around, sunshine. These are some of the benefits of Tampa Bay solar energy and what makes it a great location to install solar panels.

When it comes to the benefits of solar panels in Tampa Bay, there are many to be had here. Energy costs are soaring all over the country as we continue to depend more on fossil fuels. We have gotten used to this kind of energy and it is difficult to switch over to an alternative source of energy. Solar energy has been around for many decades and is one of the most abundant forms of energy available. As people begin to realize how beneficial solar energy is, it will become more widely used.




Solar Panels in Tampa Bay

Solar panels work by collecting the energy given off by sunlight hitting various surfaces. This energy is then converted into electricity, which can then be used to power your home or business. In Tampa Bay, homeowners have quite a few choices when it comes to putting in solar panels. There are ready-made kits that you can purchase, or you can build your own if you have the right tools and guides. Many local solar companies also offer to install solar panels on your home for a fee. This is usually a good idea if you plan on doing the installation yourself.

The biggest benefit of having a solar panel system installed is the money you can save. You can actually start saving money today! When you use solar power in Tampa, you won’t have to pay any additional electricity bills to operate your home. The energy you are using can be totally free. It’s truly amazing to think about all the benefits you can enjoy by switching to solar energy.

Not only is your power cleaner but you will be contributing to helping conserve energy around the world. Solar power in Tampa is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States, and Tampa Bay is no exception. Your power company will be able to take much of the excess energy you generate and use it to create more of it, so by using yours, you are also helping to conserve energy.

Is Tampa a Good Location for Solar?

The city of Tampa is located in a subtropical climate zone with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. This makes it an ideal location for solar installations, as the panels need only 4-5 hours of direct sunlight per day to fully charge up.

Tampa Bay is an excellent location for solar energy installations, offering ample sunshine, government and utility incentives, storm resilience, and potential property value increases.

However, Tampa Bay is susceptible to power outages and storms, which can be mitigated by the installation of solar panels. With a solar battery backup, homeowners and businesses can continue to power essential appliances during power outages, ensuring that they are not left in the dark during severe weather events.

Days of Sun in Tampa, FL

Tampa enjoys almost year-round sunny weather. Although there may be some cloudy or stormy days, the majority of the time you will see the sun. You can ensure your power stays on even during extended dark periods and power outages by adding a solar cell to your configuration.

  • Tampa enjoys an average of 246 days of sunshine annually.
  • The shortest day is 10 hours long, while the longest lasts almost 15 hours.
  • The hottest time of year is between April & June when shortwave power per square meter exceeds 6.2 kWh on average.
  • The winter months of November through January experience the lowest daily incident shortwave energy per square meter at an incredible 4.1kWh.

Benefits of Going Solar in Tampa FL

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity across the world, and for good reason. Here are many advantages of solar energy in Tampa Bay.

Federal Tax Credits

You may also install solar panels in Tampa and get reimbursed for your tax credits.

  • Federal tax credits help reduce your income taxes; one federal credit equals $2,000 less taxation.
  • 30% of solar installations can be claimed on federal returns as an extra source of revenue, with no limit to what can be claimed.
  • At present, the current rate is 30% which will decrease to 26% by 2033. 
  • With a $30,000 solar installation, you would save $9,000 over five years, total savings of $9,000.

Net Metering

Tampa residents recently took advantage of internet metering discounts. This allows solar customers to send excess energy production back into the grid in exchange for payment from their local electricity provider.

If you have solar panels installed in Florida and produce more energy than necessary, you can feed it back into the grid – with great financial rewards! Your local energy provider will reward you with retail rate credits for sharing your power.

By investing in Tampa Bay solar now, you’ll reduce the time it takes to see a return on your investment and ensure that both you and your local community reap the benefits of cleaner energy.

  • On average, 20% of solar power generated is not utilized – which is why Net Metering encourages its use.

Increase Home Value

Homeowners in Tampa who invests in solar energy could see their property value soar. Florida is a state where the future looks bright for renewable sources like solar energy, making homes equipped with future-proof technology like solar panels more desirable to potential homebuyers than other properties.

Homebuyers need not worry about the financial costs and stress associated with solar installation since there will be no costs involved. Therefore, homeowners who opt for this renewable energy option can expect their property’s value to significantly increase due to increased solar output.

One study revealed that solar installations in Tampa can boost property values by as much as $5,911 per kilowatt of panels.

No Money Out-of-Pocket Loans

Solar panel installation in Tampa is affordable due to the absence of out-of-pocket loans. Home improvement loans also fall under the category of solar loans, which can be used for purchasing solar panels or related components.

ESD Solar offers financing for solar panel installation in Tampa with no upfront payment needed. You can start saving money right away by paying off your Tampa solar loan on day one!

  • Own your solar panels from the day of installation!
  • You will begin seeing immediate savings in utility bills with no out-of-pocket expense.
  • No need to have a large amount of money saved up – having solar panels is now possible without breaking the bank!

Are Solar Panels More Efficient in Tampa, Florida?

Due to the higher amount of sunshine per day that Florida experiences, solar panels here tend to be more efficient than their U.S. counterparts. As one of the 10 states with the highest sunshine per capita, Florida boasts higher solar panel efficiency rates – only Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico experience a lower number of hours of direct sunlight each day.

Why Isn’t There More Solar in Florida?

Florida has an increasing solar community, yet only 4.04% of Florida’s energy comes from solar sources. While this number is small compared to other states, it still represents a good amount that should be utilized.

Florida’s solar policy can be partly responsible for this development. The state prohibits developers from installing solar energy systems on customer property and then selling the generated power back to them.

State governments are not required to meet renewable energy targets. Though this should not affect anyone looking to invest in Tampa solar, we wanted to address it anyway!

Are There Any Downsides to Going Solar in Tampa?

Solar prices could increase soon, so investors should take action now instead of waiting for prices to increase.

Storm damage to solar panels is also a potential concern. Your panels will be more resistant to being pulled away from the roof or suffering shingle damage if they have been securely attached with high-quality materials.




Tampa Bay Solar FAQs

Are Solar Panels Worth the Money?

Solar panels offer several benefits. You can reduce your monthly electricity bills, raise the resale price of your home lower your annual tax, decrease harmful environmental impacts, and more.

Does Florida Offer a Tax Credit for Solar Energy?

The solar tax credit offers a federal incentive to individuals who transition to solar energy. By installing a solar power system before 2032, you can enjoy a 30 percent reduction in your project costs thanks to the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC gradually decreases to 26 percent by 2033. Additionally, there are still opportunities to take advantage of rebates and incentives for solar energy at the municipal level.

What Is the Value of a Solar Power System for Your Florida Home?

Installing solar panels boosts the resale value of your home, yielding a greater return on investment compared to other home improvements. Furthermore, homeowners in Florida can benefit from property tax exemptions when they install solar panels. This exempts them from paying additional taxes on the augmented value of their property.

How Often Can I Claim the Solar Tax Credit?

Solar panels boast exceptional durability, with an average lifespan of 25 years. ESD Solar utilizes solar panels, renowned for their outstanding durability and efficiency, making them one of the top choices in the market. The reliability of solar panels is outstanding, with a failure rate of only one in 20,000.

To incentivize the adoption of solar energy, the federal government offers solar tax credits, known as Investment Tax Credits (ITCs), applicable to both residential and commercial systems. By installing solar panels anytime between 2022 and 2032, you can take advantage of the ITC, which enables you to save up to 30% of your total project cost. However, it’s worth noting that this percentage gradually decreases to 26% by 2033.

How Much Will My Homeowners Insurance Increase If I Install Solar Panels?

It is possible that installing solar panels may impact your home insurance, as they enhance the value of your property. However, the impact on insurance premiums varies depending on the homeowners’ policy.

In most cases, insurance premiums are determined based on the value of the home to ensure adequate protection in the event of a disaster. Consequently, your insurance policy will likely increase in value as a result of the added value provided by the solar panels.

How Much Solar Power Do I Require?

A standard household typically requires an 8-kW solar system to meet its electricity demands. An eight-kW system comprises 24 solar panels.

If your home consumes less electricity than the average, you have the option to participate in a net-metering program. This allows you to sell any surplus electricity generated by your solar panels back to your utility company. Thus, you can reap the benefits of your solar panels even if you don’t utilize their full energy output.

Choose ESD Solar As Your Go-To Tampa Bay Solar Installer 

The Sunshine State, particularly Tampa, enjoys a remarkable 244 sunny days per year, which has contributed to Florida’s solar boom in recent years. To enhance accessibility to solar power systems, utility solar rebates can be combined with local incentives or federal tax credits. These financial incentives, coupled with the escalating electric utility rates, make solar energy a cost-effective investment.

We specialize in the installation of solar panel systems for both residential and commercial clients in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to assist Floridians in achieving energy independence, and we take immense pride in our role. As a trusted solar panel company, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your residential and commercial needs. 

Utilizing cutting-edge solar technology, we strive to ensure that every client receives the maximum return on investment. From initial consultations to advanced monitoring, we offer a complete solar energy solution that encompasses all aspects of the process.

Ready to Switch to Solar Energy?

As you can see, there are a number of great benefits of Tampa Bay solar. You will find that you will save a lot of money in the long run by using this energy source. While the initial cost may be a little bit higher than other options, the benefits of solar energy should soon make up for it.

Tampa has a lot of sunlight throughout the year, so you’ll have no problem generating energy for your home. If you are interested in solar energy and installing solar panels in your home then contact ESD Solar today!

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