Tips To Prepare for an Energy Efficient Holiday

The holiday season for most people is the best time of the year. What’s not to like? There are festive food and deserts, incredible decorations, and the time of your life to spend stress-free with friends and family. Oh, wait! There’s just one tiny problem. Along with the many lights you put up, and the tons of food you bake in your electric oven, as well as the air conditioners or heaters you may switch on, the electric bill is higher than usual. Here are tips to prepare for an energy efficient holiday.

 Invest in Solar Power

Now, some people might wonder, is it worth it? Solar panels are a big jump from your old dependence on electricity from the mainline.

And yet, the rewards it brings are well worth the risks.

 For one, you get to unhook from the constraints of electricity powered by the mainline, so the limitations at that point are gone, and you control your own electricity output.


For two, the sun is a natural, free resource you don’t have to pay money to it. Isn’t that nice? It’s out for the entire day, just waiting to help you out. Furthermore, the maintenance costs for solar are also comparatively low, especially since you end up using a resource that won’t get depleted.

At this point, if you’re still scared, you can just hook up your solar power generator to just a few appliances while the rest keep being supplied by the main power line.

So why the wait? There are a ton of benefits and very few risks, and what you’ll end up with is an energy-efficient holiday where you aren’t bothered by the countless electric bills that land on your doorstep.

Change to LED lighting

LED lights are the fastest and easiest way to save on money and energy. In fact, these lights save up to 85% of the energy used by incandescent lights!

Yes, they are more expensive than your usual incandescent light bulb, but they also work significantly longer, are much more durable, and have a way less chance of overloading your sockets.

Minimize Electricity Usage by Maximizing Natural Light

The easiest tip here would be this one. Why waste your electricity using light bulbs and the like when you can use candles, bonfires, and all-around natural light sources?

Sure, bonfires are built outside, and having too many candles can be expensive. And yes, they also don’t give the same intensity of light that lightbulbs generally do. 


But for a holiday when you don’t need to work oh-so-late into the night and can just relax by the warmth of a fireplace, natural light is something much more conducive for your relaxing and happy vacation.

It saves power, relaxes your body, and it serves as a way to soften your atmosphere for any guests who might be coming around.

A Final Word

All these tips and ideas serve to provide you with different ways to maximize efficiency and minimize energy wastage. 

But if you want to keep this going for more than just this holiday season, the best option would be solar power. It’s the best way to make your life easy, and it works year-round.

And one of the best options to get started on this journey of energy efficiency is to visit ESD Solar, a company which does exactly what you’re looking for help you power your home with solar panels for the future.

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