Advantages of Solar Energy

If you are interested in installing solar panels throughout your home, you will want to do good research first. To determine whether or not solar panels would be a good fit for your property, we want to take you through some of the best advantages of solar energy!

It Will Reduce Your Energy Bills

One of the greatest benefits to installing solar panels is that you can experience a massive savings in your energy bills. Installing solar panels will often mean using a net metering system where you are still connected to the grid but are allowed to offset some of your electrical costs using the power that your solar panels generate. You’ll be able to sell the excess energy that you generate back to your utility and offset any future electrical costs. In this way, you can lock in your energy costs and potentially even get paid by the utility company for generating power with your system. 

Locked In Energy Costs

Most utilities increase the price of electricity incrementally each year. The price of electricity has increased steadily over the past decade and it is not showing any signs of stopping. Every time that your utility decides to raise the price of electricity, you’ll be saving more money because of the net metering system and because you were able to lock in a specific price for your power when you installed your solar system. 

Less Expensive Than Ever

The overall costs for installing a solar system have only continued to fall. Solar has become cheaper than it ever has before and the overall costs have fallen over 70% over the past decade. The lower prices of installation make solar a much more accessible option for homeowners as well as for business owners. Between the massive number of tax credits, the financing options and the reduction in costs for solar materials, it is definitely the time to consider solar power because you can save so much by choosing to install it. 

It’s Environmentally Friendly

One of the greatest selling points of solar energy is that it’s a completely renewable energy source. Rather than depending on fossil fuels or other forms of power generation, the sunlight will continue to provide you with energy for your home after you install solar panels. Solar panels also do not produce any type of greenhouse gases unlike many of the other power generation solutions. Solar power is one of the only types of energy that is created in a clean way.

Many Incentives and Tax Credits

In many areas across the United States there are a series of incentives and tax credits that can reduce the payback time of the solar panel system. Financing options and tax credits make it simple to pay off one of these solar panel systems in just four years. Once the system is paid off you are generating free power throughout the lifespan of the panels. As the panels can last up to 50 years, you can enjoy a variety of improvements for your energy over time. 

The various advantages of solar energy are almost limitless; let ESD Solar provide you with a solar panel system perfectly tailored to your home, contact us today!


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