A Guide To Solar Panels In Cincinnati

Switching to solar panels in Cincinnati not only saves the environment but also has many financial benefits. Cincinnati is a great place to live because Ohio incentives its residents to go green. It’s easy for homeowners to switch to solar power in Ohio, with their 2027 renewable energy goal that 12.5 percent of their electricity will come from renewable sources. The state of Ohio has seen solar energy grow exponentially in recent years. This means that you have more options to get solar panels in Cincinnati installed on your home at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn why you should make the switch.




How to Choose Between Companies for Solar Panels in Cincinnati

It is important to find the right solar installer if you are ready to make the switch to renewable energy. Let’s take a look at some important points to remember when looking for a Cincinnati solar panel installer.

  1. Expertise: A solar installer should have a solid reputation in the industry. Expertise is a company that has been in business for more than a few decades and has completed thousands of solar installations.
  2. Roof knowledge: It is also important to check if the company has any roofing experience. It is important to make sure the company installing your solar system on your roof has experience with roofs.
  3. In-house team: Many companies subcontract the installation of other employees. In-house solar companies are more reliable and can communicate with each other faster.
  4. Credentials: Any reputable solar company that installs solar panels will have all the required licenses, insurance policies, credentials, and other documentation for each area they work in. Their website should list them and make it easy for customers to locate them. All credentials are required to be certified as legitimate businesses.
  5. Reputation: It’s a good place to start. Solar companies that respond quickly and professionally to customer reviews are worth your attention. Customers who are treated well by companies will be grateful and helpful. A bonus is to search for a solar company with awards.
  6. Warranty: When considering solar companies, warranties are an important factor. Many solar companies don’t offer reliable warranties. You want to ensure your investment when you buy a high-end system. A solar company will provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that your investment is protected for many years.

Solar Panel Installation in Cincinnati with ESD Solar

The number of residential solar panels in Ohio has increased dramatically over the past few years. This is due to a combination of federal, state, and local incentives. ESD Solar is a highly-rated solar company that can help you find the perfect solar installer in Ohio. ESD Solar is a trusted provider of solar services such as solar panel installation in Cincinnati for many years.

We are one of the most trusted residential solar installers in America and will take care of all your needs. We have helped thousands of people across the country save money and achieve energy independence. Solar panels in Cincinnati are an easy decision that can be made and a  wise investment.

Solar Panels in Cincinnati: How It Works

Photovoltaic solar systems (PVs) include both electrical and mechanical parts. Electrical components include solar cells, an inverter, and a net meter. They also include various wires, a junction box, and grounding components. Mechanical components include mounting hardware for inverters and racking that secures panels to the roof.

Your roof should be strong enough for a solar array if it meets engineering standards. This means that it has been built according to local building codes and has been inspected and approved. The weight of a solar array is spread evenly over a large surface area and exerts low pressure — about 2 pounds per sq. foot. Roofs can easily support this pressure. Our solar installations are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds of 175 mph. The racking used to attach the solar panels on the roof can also be used as a cross brace to increase the structural integrity of the roof.

You may want to achieve net-zero energy for your home. It means that, on average, during a month, your solar array will produce as much energy as your home consumes. On your utility bill, you can find the monthly energy consumption of your home. The information you provide is used to create a solar energy system that will meet your home’s needs.

Solar energy can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by providing you with carbon-free electricity for your home. Solar energy is produced for many years after the array has been installed without emitting any toxic substances or emissions. Solar is a renewable energy source because the sun rises every day. Your environmental benefit will depend on how much energy solar replaces. Ohio’s average energy customer can reduce carbon emissions by 11,000 pounds a year using solar.

Solar energy for your commercial or residential business will pay off in the long run due to the energy savings. It is vital to ensure that your system always works correctly and meets expectations. This is why we only install power optimizers and inverters. They have the industry’s leading monitoring software. The software lets you monitor each panel of your solar array at 15-minute intervals.

It is important to understand the necessary maintenance when purchasing new equipment. We all know the amount of maintenance required to own a car, air conditioner, or other major assets. Rooftop solar is almost maintenance-free. The solar array is stationary, which is a major factor. The parts are not worn out, and no oil is required. Solar PV systems require only a simple cleaning of the panels. Cleaning solar panels is recommended once a calendar year to remove dust, pollen, and other contaminants. It will ensure that maximum light can reach the solar cells. You can clean solar panels yourself or hire a professional.

In Florida, if you have an available connection to the utility, then you must connect to it. This grid connection can be beneficial to you in most cases because you will receive power when the sun doesn’t shine or at night. This connection will also mean that your array is offline when the grid goes down, and you won’t be able to maintain power without battery backup. Batteries can help you safely maintain power during an outage. The excess energy that you generate throughout the day is stored in batteries and discharged at night.

Shading, as well as roof pitch, both have an impact on solar production. The highest production is achieved when the arrays are not shaded. DC Optimizers prevent shading from affecting other panels. The optimal roof pitch to maximize solar production year-round is equal to the latitude of your array facing south in the northern hemisphere. USA’s proximity to the equator allows for a variety of roof pitches, including flat, east or west.

Solar energy production is at its highest when the sun is directly overhead. Solar energy cannot be produced at night. The longer days of summer can lead to higher production than winter. Cloud cover is another factor. In Ohio, the summer months are also marked by rainstorms. Solar customers can take advantage of policies to compensate for the variability in power production. Net metering allows you to trade excess energy produced when the sun is shining more back to your utility company in exchange for credits that can be used when you need more grid power or there is less sun.

Net metering allows you to have power 24 hours a day. If there is a power outage on the grid, your inverter will turn off, and you’ll lose power along with everyone else. This is known as anti-islanding, and its purpose is to protect utility workers and downed power lines from the power surges from solar arrays. Batteries are needed to keep power flowing during a grid outage. 

We now install batteries capable of supplying power to an entire home. Two solar batteries can provide backup for most homeowners. The number of batteries your home requires depends on the amount of energy you use and how much current is used.

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