5 Reasons To Go Solar in 2020

If the idea of setting up solar panels on your home has actually drifted around your mind for a while, 2020 may simply be the ideal time to turn these dreams into a reality. In 2019, property owners with solar energy panel systems were able to make the most of the federal solar investment tax credit that saw them get credit for their earnings tax. This credit was offered to those families with fully working solar energy panel systems. Despite 2019 being the final year of the tax credit being offered at its full 30 percent, 2020 is still loaded with wonderful reasons to move on with the solar project you have been thinking about. Here are the top 5 reasons to go solar in 2020!

The ITC Tax Credit

While the ITC tax credit saw qualifying homes get a 30% credit in 2019, 2020s is a little less but still beneficial. This year, qualifying purchases of solar panel systems can get a credit of 26% of the cost of the equipment. This credit is offered up till Dec. 31, 2021.

While the credit is at the start of the phase-down, it will still be able to be claimed for 22 percent in 2021 before zeroing out in 2022, making this the perfect time to benefit from it. This is possibly the most significant reason to go solar in 2020!

Minimize Your Bills

Setting up a solar power panel system can assist you to save money in the long run.

setting up solar panels now can see some instant benefits. This is the time of year where the panels will be developing to their maximum capacity thanks to the longer days and increased sunlight. With this in mind, your solar panels set up in the next couple of months can assist you to cut back on Air Conditioner expenses.

Added Home Value

It is known that panels added to your home have the ability to increase the resale worth of your home in the long run. There have actually been studies that show including solar panel systems to your home can about 5% more resale value than comparable homes without solar power systems.

Covered by Good Warranties

While the tax credits offered for homes with solar energy systems are beneficial to decrease the cost of making your family more eco-friendly, there is likewise a lot of top-quality warranties out there on the market today to help reduce the stress of including a solar panel system. Solar system buyers can shop with self-confidence in 2020 thanks to a lot of service warranties offered on the market. These will help you by just having to deal with the original installer instead of shop around to various suppliers if something goes wrong or breaks down.

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint and be More Environmentally Friendly

While there are a lot of little steps that can be taken to assist your family in being more eco-friendly and minimize your carbon footprint, among the very best and rewarding approaches is by going solar with the installation of a solar energy panel system in your house.

Solar systems help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are very dangerous to the environment.

With the current events of 2020 such as the Australian wildfires, it’s never been more common that we need to take additional actions to help in reducing the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions we create. Solar panels are a sustainable method to take a step towards a much better future. Contact us today if you have any more questions; there are plenty more factors to go solar in 2020!


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