5 Misconceptions About the Effects of Weather on Commercial Solar Panels

Renewable energy is all the rage, and the first thing you think about when you hear renewable is Solar Panels. Here Are 5 Misconceptions About the Effects of Weather on Commercial Solar Panels And what you should know before you buy.

Due to its relatively cutting-edge technology, there’s bound to be misinformation up and about, and with this article, we’ll help you separate fact from fiction.

Are you considering getting a Solar Panel installation of your own? Then keep reading to make sure you aren’t falling for any of these misconceptions.


Misconception #1- Solar Panels suffer when it’s cold


It may seem intuitive that when it gets cooler in the year, Solar Panels will struggle to maintain the same effectiveness.

However, this isn’t true, and the reason has to do with how Solar Energy is produced.

Solar Panels function by extracting energy from light, not heat, meaning that no matter how chilly the day is your panel is going to give you the same production.

Even when it gets really cold, sub-zero temperatures, Solar Panels remain effective as they are strictly tested and produced according to the standard of being able to function year-long.



Misconception #2- Solar Panels stop working in cloudy conditions


Ever have a cloudy day at the beach but still, get a sunburn? That’s because the Sun’s rays are still reaching you.

While overcast weather can slightly reduce Solar Panel productivity, and it is optimal to have a sunny day, Solar Panels are affected nowhere near as much as you might think.

The majority of the Sun’s light still shines on the Solar cells, and they remain functioning.

Consider this, Germany, which is 4th in the world in terms of Solar Energy production, gets as much direct sunlight as Alaska.


Misconception#3-Solar Panels crack in hail


Solar panels certainly give off the impression of being fragile and easy to damage, prone to harm from extreme weather conditions such as hail.

It seems so, that a fast-moving ball of ice falling out of the sky would deal some severe punishment.

However, this is not the case in the slightest; high-quality Solar Panels are well prepared against weather conditions such as hail, which happen fairly regularly.

Before they are sent out, Solar Panels are tested to make sure they can stand up to punishment, and stand up they do; Solar Panels see life expectancy in the decades; fragility isn’t a concern.


Misconception #4-Solar Panels can get damaged by extreme wind.


Solar Panels are made of durable and resistant material and have been extensively tested to make sure they hold up against any conditions they may have to face.

A high-quality installation will take into account local conditions such as wind and weather patterns to make sure your Panels aren’t any more vulnerable than any other part of the exterior of your building.

Our services fulfill all these criteria and some more, with rigorous survey and testing to ensure maximum durability even in the face of hurricane-like winds.


Misconception#5-Solar Panels aren’t worth it if it snows.


While snowfall can place a dent in productivity, it’s nowhere near as big an issue as you might think. Not only can Solar cells still absorb light through a couple of inches of snow, but they can also contribute to melting snow faster, helping them get back on track.

With these misconceptions cleared, you can now rest assured that Solar Panels really are the right choice for the future.

It’s important to get the right panels, though, and there are none you can be more confident in than ESD Solar, which performs an in-depth analysis of a range of factors with every installation to guarantee maximum productivity and life expectancy. Contact us today to talk to the experts in solar. 

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