3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Install Solar In The Sunshine State

Did you know that solar energy is the most abundant energy source on Earth? Around 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strike the Earth continuously. This amount is 10,000 times the energy used by the world. Renewable energy can offer impressive benefits, and this blog will discuss the top 3 reasons why it’s time to install solar in the sunshine state.

Renewable Energy And Its Importance

Renewable energy comes from sustainable natural sources, which means that these sources will never run out. Some of the renewables are as follow:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass energy

Renewable energy is beneficial for people and the planet. It emits a low amount of greenhouse gases and also lessens the pollutants.

Moreover, clean energy comes at low costs, which is essential for keeping energy prices affordable. Most importantly, renewables make the energy system resilient, which is vital to minimize the power shortages.

The Significance Of Solar Power For The Sunshine State

Florida is close to the coastline, so it is prone to frequent weather events like hurricanes. Therefore, the state faces periodic infrastructure disruptions and blackouts. While millions of people lose their lives and homes, the businesses find it hard to bounce back too. 

The economic impact of such disasters has made many Florida-based businesses encourage the deployment of renewable energy. Doing so will not only keep the communities safe, but it will also help the businesses get back on their feet again.  

Going Solar In The Sunshine State

Now that we have gone through the importance of clean energy, let us dive into the top 3 reasons why it is time to install solar in the Sunshine State:

1. The Residents And The Business Community Of Florida Support Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming a popular choice among big companies like Walt Disney and small ones like Roundhouse Creative Studios. 

According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) polls, two-third of Florida-based business owners believe that adopting clean energy practices is a wise economic decision.

More than 50% of the voters are already considering installing solar energy at their homes and businesses.

Furthermore, the residents also support renewable energy deployment and believe that the business community is prepared to lead on the issue of clean energy.

2. Going Solar Brings Economic Benefits For Florida

Renewable energy is beneficial for the environment and the economy. According to several business owners, the deployment of clean energy has cut down their electricity bills significantly. 

Moreover, it has created employment opportunities and has led to several business partnerships.


3. Businesses Want More Clean Energy Sources For Florida

Although Florida has the third greatest rooftop solar potential in the US, it ranks 14th on install solar capacity. One of the main reasons behind this is the lack of capital investment in renewable energy sources. 

The Sunshine State’s leadership believes that politics must be put aside, and clean energy should be deployed. 

According to them, doing so will aid Florida’s economy’s growth and shield the community and the businesses from the worst consequences of natural disasters. 


Expansion of renewables is essential for the protection of the environment. For states like Florida, which face periodic natural calamities, renewable energy sources like solar energy will keep the businesses and residents safe.  It is time to move towards a safer future with more clean energy sources.

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